3 Things You Need to Know About TLS Weight Loss Solution

By: Sue Pasqual

You may have seen people credit us for their before-and-after transformations or heard about our globally popular TLS Trim Tea and Trim Cafe, but there’s so much more to TLS than that! If you’re tired of the fad diets, tired of false claims, or just curious to see what this lifestyle is all about, we’ve got three things you need to know about TLS Weight Loss Solution below!

TLS Weight Loss Solution Stands for Transitions Lifestyle System

Lifestyle programs, especially comprehensive ones, are trending- and for good reason!  Weight loss still makes up nearly 80% of New Year’s Resolutions, but people have wisened up to the process of committing to and failing another fad diet. So many people know how to lose weight, but they struggle when it comes to the hardest part: keeping it off. This is why it’s so important to create habits and daily routines that foster a healthy relationship with food so you don’t fall back into the old patterns (emotional eating, overeating, sugar addiction, you name it) you worked so hard to break free from! Lifestyle programs do just that.

We often forget that our weight loss journey is not a sprint, but a marathon.  Making changes that last take time, but those small changes (like opting for a protein-filled snack instead of Doritos) become healthy habits that you won’t think twice about down the road, but will absolutely be thanking yourself for.

I realize many people want to lose weight fast; I’m fully aware that following a lifestyle may not mean you’re shedding 10 pounds per week (which is not healthy, by the way), but you don’t want to see those lost pounds creeping back in after only a few days off your trendy diet! If you want those pounds gone for good then you need to create a lifestyle with habits that support a healthier you, and that’s exactly what we’re here for! Following a lifestyle program like Transitions Lifestyle System will ensure that you not only reach your goal, but stay there.


TLS Is Backed by Science

Every single one of our 4 components – low-glycemic impact eating, improving body composition, supplementation to assist your body in its journey, and education – are 100% backed by science. That’s why Transitions Lifestyle System works!  We could’ve bought into the sensationalized headlines promoting pop-science, but we stuck with the literature and research studies we knew we could trust. There are hundreds of “best ways to eat”, but how many of those have 40 years of science behind them?

When we created the TLS Weight Loss Solution programs, we consulted the experts: naturopathic physicians, registered dieticians, personal trainers, doctors, nurses, clinical nutritionists, and chemists. But, we didn’t stop at the foods we built the program upon! This science also came with valuable information on exercise. The CDC (Center of Disease Control) recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week based on their own in-depth research, and that’s the guideline we use! Of course, you can always modify depending on your goals and abilities but always check with your health care provider before beginning any exercise regimen.

Did you think we forgot about our supplements? Think again! One thing we know 100% is that Market America, the parent company TLS Weight Loss Solution, is a product distribution company—not a manufacturing company.  That means that we do not make products!  This gives us the unique opportunity to ensure we’re choosing the most reliable manufacturers that use only the highest-quality and most-studied ingredients. Companies that manufacture their own products try and duplicate the best but they’re often inferior, so we love knowing that each and every time you use any of our products, you’re getting the very best.


TLS Emphasizes Education

Education is by far the one component of the Transitions Lifestyle System that sets us apart from all the rest.  Like we said, you’re creating a lifestyle. How can you create those healthy habits without knowledge?

Our TLS Health Guide and Journal is power-packed with information with each chapter covering a unique, essential component to your weight loss journey. Our website provides easy-to-follow educational videos with information like reading labels, knowing good fats from bad, how to boost metabolism, incorporating exercise fundamentals, assessing results and plateaus, and plenty more!

When you join the TLS family, you’ve joined a community that’s dedicated to healthier habits for the long run to support your success…whatever that means for you. Whether it be healthy eating tips, behavior modification, exercise tips, education or supplements to support your body and goals, we have you covered!



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