Best of Spring Into Action

Our Spring Into Action group wrapped up last week and we’re still blown away by the participation and successes had by all. From incredible TLS-approved recipes to moving more and of course, outstanding results from some of our participants who shared their before and after photos with us. Since everyone came to the table with different goals; to lose weight, to learn to eat healthier, to move more and to build lean muscle, we provided countless resources and videos each day to support each and everyone’s unique journey with TLS.

Participant Results

Ellen lost 15lbs 

Ann lost 10lbs 

Kathy lost 20lbs

Lisa lost 20lbs & 15 inches

Devon lost 10lbs and 7 inches but he started with us in our January campaign and has now lost a total of 28lbs and 17 inches with TLS.

Laurel lost 11.5lbs 

Cullen had incredible results


Participant Foodie Shots










The wonderful thing about TLS is that it isn’t just about weight-loss. Healthy eating and exercise habits were formed, energy levels are up, improved sleep and mood, more mobility and all-around higher quality of life. 


 Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated and s special thank you to our TLS Coaches and Certified Trainers who contributed. 


Keep an eye out for our next campaign in September. 

You are Worth it! 

 Melanie Nelson 

Director of TLS


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