Celebrate with our TLS Shamrock Shake

More nutrient-dense snacks, right this way. When you live the TLS lifestyle you are in the driver’s seat making educated nutrition choices without the out-of-control cravings. We focus on low glycemic impact eating to support blood glucose levels so we can choose to have some treats sometimes and thoroughly enjoy them.

A popular treat this time of year is the Shamrock Shake, but even I can’ wrap my head around the “traditional” one when I read the ingredients and nutrition label.

Learning about macronutrients and how to read labels was key for me, now I empower my TLS clients to make better choices for themselves and their families. Education is one of the pillars that TLS provides that makes us different.

Truth is I grew up looking forward to having those Shamrock Shakes in the month of March. Back then, we did not have all of the information we have now on health and nutrition. We weren’t as mindful and aware of what we were putting in our mouth growing up and the effects it has on our health long term.

Did you know that 112 Grams of Sugar found in the traditional Shamrock shake is equivalent to 28 teaspoons of Sugar! Yikes!


TLS PRO TIP: When reading a label, 4 grams of sugar = 1 tsp of sugar. To put this into perspective, the AHA suggests a daily limit of 36 grams of sugar for men and 25 grams for women, so 112 grams is 4 X the recommended daily limit.


Try my “Healthy” TLS Shamrock Shake. This recipe is even kid approved. It’s delicious, nutritious and most importantly, so easy to make.


2 Scoops TLS Vanilla Nutrition Shake

2 drops Mint Extract

Hanful of Spinach

2 Scoops NutriClean Complete Greens to make it green (You don’t even taste it!)

Cold Water

6 Ice Cubes


Mix in blender and enjoy!

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As a TLS Coach & Trainer, we teach our clients how to make small, manageable changes. How to make foods they love more nutrient-dense AND taste great. I teach consistently about making smart choices when choosing treats once in a while. Choosing, Not Cheating!

Have a Safe, Healthy March Everyone!

~Coach Carin XO