5 Ways to Beat the Heat During Your Summer Run

Hurrah! The weather is finally warm enough to enjoy outdoor workouts like hiking, biking, and trail blazing. Exercising in the great outdoors comes with some potential risks though, especially in the heat of summer. In order to maximize your workout and keep your body in top performance mode, keep these five simple tips in mind:

Run at optimal times. If your region experiences hot temperatures for summer—80 degrees or higher—it’s probably not a great idea to run/bike/hike in the middle of the day when the sun blazes warmest. Instead, choose dawn or dusk for running, or (carefully) run during a late afternoon rain shower to avoid overheating in direct sunlight.

Protect your skin and eyes. With the earth receiving the most direct sunlight in the summer time, it’s imperative to protect the skin with sweat-proof sunblock in an appropriate SPF, and to guard the eyes with 100% UV protectant sunglasses. Even if you have naturally golden skin and dark eyes, it’s still important to block harmful UV rays, and protect your peepers not only from the sun, but also from potential harmful debris and dust on your route.

Be aware of the environment. Run in familiar places or in locations you have scoped out beforehand. Plan routes with access to shade and water—just in case. Be aware of other runners, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts, and as always, be alert of traffic patterns and potential outdoor threats like falling branches, work zones, or local wildlife.

Listen to your body. Check in with your body while running outside. Know the symptoms of dehydration. Stop and rehydrate immediately if you get: nauseated, dizzy, confused, suddenly hot/cold, or a headache. Call a friend to come pick you up if you are too physically affected to continue—don’t push yourself further than your body can handle.

Replentish. Before you run, after you run, and all throughout the day,drink more water. Take a small bottle on your run with you, like thePureH2O™ Filtered Stainless Steel Water Bottle, to stay hydrated. Never underestimate the power of simple hydration to feeling your best and maximizing your body’s efficiency.
What other tips do you have for outdoor exercise enthusiasts? Comment to share your feedback, and enjoy your outdoor workouts this summer!