TLS Tips for the Summertime

Summertime is here and we’re ready to dive into all it has to offer. A lot of that tends to revolve around the season of parties, weddings, camping, sports games, backyard barbecue, and traveling. All of these tend to have an abundance of high calorie, no nutrition treats, “foods” and beverages. 

Let’s make this the summer you feel and look better come fall.  Incorporate these five TLS tips this summer so you can still indulge a bit, enjoy your summer, stay healthy and at the very least, maintain the progress you have made. 

Plan out your cheat meals: there are days coming up, you know you are going to indulge. So, plan it and stay on track the other days. Plan for those events or Holidays that you just can’t say no to all the goodness that surrounds you. This way you stick to your TLS lifestyle most of the time and you get to enjoy your indulgences guilt-free.  TLS is not about deprivation, the key is to plan your cheat meals and stick to that plan.  

Quick tip: Choose a TLS-friendly entree and decide on your one indulgence. Will that be an appetizer, dessert, or cocktail?  


Bring TLS-friendly snacks wherever you go: Big bags or small coolers are your best friend. Running around means more time than we didn’t expect to spend the day driving around and inevitably skipping meals. Don’t end up in that drive-thru line, pack a small cooler with boiled eggs, cut up vegetables, a salad, fruit, and your TLS Nutrition Shake.

Quick tip: Always have a few items prepped in your refrigerator for those unexpected days galavanting and keep away unwanted pounds.


Bring a healthy dish with you: for that potluck, party, BBQ, or any event. Offer to make a side dish or fun salad. Make it tasty and guilt-free so you know that there will be at least one item you can easily enjoy. Remember healthy vegetable dishes don’t have to be boring. Need some ideas? Download our countless free recipes here.


Take your TLS supplementation: don’t let your routine fall by the wayside. Sometimes summer means your typical routines go out the window, this should not be true about your supplementation. 

Quick tips: TLS Trim Tea and Trim Café over ice – keep cravings and appetite at bay. TLS CORE inhibit those excess carbohydrates. TLS Green Coffeeinhibit excess starches from turning to fat. 

TLS Nutrition Shakes – make ice cream, muffins, cookies, cakes, and frappuccinos. Feel like you’re indulging when you’re simply ensuring adequate protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals.

Download our Shaking and Baking recipe booklet here, to start indulging immediately.


Communicate your goals: in order to achieve the goal of maintaining not gaining this summer, it’s important to communicate to friends, family, co-workers your goal and plan.  

They are far more likely to support you if you request that support clearly. Let them know specifically how they can support you and why it is important to you.  

Quick tip: “When we are out and there are desserts and junk food everywhere, please don’t pressure me to “just have one” or say things like “one won’t matter”. I will have my planned cheat meals or days and I am going to stick to my plan all the other days.  I appreciate your support in this. 

Keeping your goal a secret will end poorly, just as a little support and accountability goes a long way! 


Thanks for reading! 

Melanie Nelson 

Director of TLS 



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