The Truth About Fat, Part 1

In this two-series blog, we are going to bust some commonly held myths and review the truth about fat. It is a dangerous game when we focus solely on the number on the scale. When we step on a typical weight scale, we are seeing a sum of many parts.

  • Muscle
  • Bone
  • Fat
  • Visceral fat (Fat surrounding our organs)
  • Water
  • Organs

With many fad diets and calorie restriction we can see a significant drop on a typical scale, but we could be losing precious muscle or other good weight we want to keep. Transitions Lifestyle System is the solution to losing fat and reaching an ideal body composition. As an example, below is a picture of a cross-section of two different human thighs. These two individuals were roughly the same size; however, you can plainly see that their fat-to-muscle ratio is very different.


“Skinny Fat” or what is now called Dis-Metabolic Syndrome in the medical community is just as detrimental to our health as someone who is carrying a lot of extra weight and looks visibly overweight or obese. Simply put, your “skinny” friend may have the SAME Body fat % as his/her fluffy friend. This puts them at risk for the same obesity-related diseases. Having fat is important for our hormonal health and insulation, however, from a holistic approach our goal should be to reach a healthy ratio of fat content in the body based on you: your age, height, gender, etc.

The more accurate measurements of our progress and journey to a healthy fat percentage in our body are better done by measuring our inches. Measuring every 2 – 4 weeks at the chest, waist, and hips will give us a better indication of how we are doing. Also, technological advancements now allow us to use specialty scales without spending a fortune. Using a Tanita, Omron, or Rolli-Fit scale that measures these different tissues in the body can be a great way to monitor your own body composition. Be sure to measure with the same device at the same time of day for consistent and more accurate results. You can find any of these scales on SHOP.COM.

Here is a chart to determine where you are and where you may want to get when it comes to Body fat percentage, gender, and age.

The truth about fat - body fat percentage: how does yours rate?

There are two healthy ways to reach an ideal body fat percentage and they work surprisingly fast if done together.

  1. Eating wholesome food and the TLS Low-Glycemic Impact way.
  2. Weight training to build lean muscle tissue.

No amount of cardio will build the kind of lean muscle mass that is needed for healthy body composition. It is essential to add in regular resistance and strength training. You don’t need to spend 1 – 2 hours in the gym or get ripped to achieve an ideal fat percentage and optimal lean muscle, but you cannot do it without it.

Muscle is a major source of energy and dictates our metabolism. It keeps our skeletal system erect and allows us to enjoy life in those golden years. It is necessary for longevity, achieving your weight-loss goal, or maintaining your healthy weight.

If you are currently following one of the TLS programs or living our lifestyle, congrats, you are on your way to a healthy body fat percentage. If not, learn more about us from your TLS coach, whoever shared this with you, or on our site.

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Remember, you are worth it!