Low-GI Recipe: Fried Mixed Bamboo with Sea Bass

For a delicious Asian-style meal that works well with your TLS low-glycemic eating requirements, try this Fried Mixed Bamboo with sea bass (or your favorite low-GI fish) from one of our Market Taiwan UnFranchise Owners.


·         Small bunch of asparagus
·         150 g of water bamboo
·         150 g of corn bamboo
·         3 filets of sea bass (or your favorite fish)
·         10 medium shrimp
·         Garlic to taste
·         Scallions to taste
·         Chili to taste
·         Dash of salt

1.       Blanch all ingredients
2.       Fry garlic until it emits a pleasant aroma.
3.       Add seafood and bamboo to pan until thoroughly cooked
4.       Season with scallions, chili and salt as needed

Time to prepare: approximate 10 minutes