Myth Busting with TLS

Moving your body is so important to maintaining a healthy weight and also living a healthy, vital life into your golden years. With so much information out there, we wanted to bust some commonly held myths about exercise.

MYTH: Muscle weighs more than fat.  

FACT: One pound of muscle is the same as one pound of fat. A pound is a pound.  

Muscle is about 18% denser as compared to fat, which means fat takes up more space.  More muscle, less fat means taking up less space.  

Picture this:  A pound of feathers looks a lot different than a pound of nails.  


MYTH: If you weight train with heavy weights, you will get bulky.   

FACT: Weight-resistance exercises produce muscle mass, which shapes your body. Challenging your muscles with weight will help give you that lean-looking muscle tone! Muscle tissue contains the greatest number of mitochondria, the energy-producing organelle, which is why it helps to create more energy production and assist with metabolic health. Muscles help your body burn more calories while at rest. It is for these reasons and more that we officially bust this myth and state for the record, if you want to lose weight, look lean, and feel great, weight training is a must.


MYTH: Stretching beforehand helps prevent injuries.  

FACT: This is the complete opposite. It is not safe to stretch cold muscles, as injury can happen. The best type of pre-workout warm-up is an activity to get your body moving and warmed up. A five-minute walk, elliptical or bike ride will warm up those muscles and get you ready to tackle your workout! A good thorough stretching session should occur after your workout when the muscles are warm and supple and needing those cleansing breaths.


MYTH: Not eating after a workout may help you lose more weight.  

FACT: It is the complete opposite. Your body’s muscles and cells require quality food after a vigorous workout — more specifically, lean, and clean protein within 30-45 minutes of exercise. This helps with recovery and repair.  

One of the best things to do for that recovery is to have your Nutrition Shake. With the recommended 19g of whey protein which is easily absorbed and utilized, your body will be a lean, mean, fighting machine.

To boost that protein intake:

ADD 2 TBSP of one of these to your TLS Shake 

PB Powder + 8g of protein 

Hemp Hearts + 7 g of protein 

Chia Seeds + 4.5 g of protein 


Have an amazing, TLS friendly day, remember to make healthy choices because you deserve it.  

 Melanie Nelson 

Director of TLS