Stress, Movement and Your Future

We’ve all experienced stress – and honestly, we can be very grateful we have. Wait a minute, grateful for stress? Before you get stressed over that statement, read on…

When we hear the word stress, often we immediately think negative, but without stress, many good things wouldn’t happen either.  Stress is a type of pressure that elicits a response.  That could be physical pressure, mental pressure or even more of an environmental pressure.  Some stressors are actually good for us because they promote survival – they push us to adapt to a changing situation, they give us some ‘grit’. It can promote physical or mental toughness, some thick skin. To go even further, it can help you get stronger so you can face future obstacles.  Consider this, the innate ‘fight or flight response’ that operates largely outside of consciousness – actually helps us survive.

Lastly, think of that blade of grass that grows between the sidewalk;  it faces a lot stress but presses on to succeed and become strong. The challenge is when our everyday environment keeps us in a constant state of stress. We know we can’t get rid of all of our stressors, whether our spouse, children, job or life’s curveballs, so here are some proven tips to help us manage stress:

1. Like we have discussed above, try viewing stress in a more positive light. Asking ourselves, what have I learned? how has this helped me grow or made me stronger? Involve yourself in activities that bring you joy. Everyone’s perception of what brings joy can be different.  I know people who get very excited at the chance to jump out of an airplane. I also know plenty of people, like myself, that find this to be of no interest at all.  As a matter of fact, as I write this, my palms are beginning to sweat just at the mere thought of skydiving. The point here, is each of us must find activities that bring joy to us internally.  Is that gardening, reading a book, walking in nature, horseback riding or watching a sunrise or sunset? Find that thing and do it.

ACTION STEP – make a list of 5 things that bring you joy that you would like to add to your life more frequently.

2. Get Moving. Engaging in quality movement for your body each day is highly beneficial for managing stress in the body. One of the many reasons it is part of the four components that create a healthy TLS lifestyle.

3. Replace a negative thought with a positive thought as quickly as possible. Why? Because we, as humans, cannot think about 2 things at the same exact time.  A positive thought will cancel a negative thought and vice-versa.  And you, my friend, have control over one thing – your thoughts!

4. If you haven’t already, give our TLS ACTS a try. It’s blend of botanical adaptogenic herbs helps support the body in managing stress. It helps supports our happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin, while assisting with our cortisol levels. It also supports our thyroid and adrenal health.





Stress can seem very complex, and at times defeating, but know to do great things, we must think great thoughts and you are worth it.

Beth Black, OTA

Certified TLS Coach and Trainer



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