Transform Your Thinking

We often fail to do what we are told, and beat ourselves up over not following our best laid plans. Sometimes, though, our best laid plans begin with a simple step: self-affirmation.

Start talking to yourself. Your self-talk can be your best ally or your biggest foe.

Self-talk awareness— and to some extent, regulation— is necessary for all ages, genders and health needs.

How you eat matters.
How you feel about what you’re eating matters.
How you talk to yourself matters.

If you are trying to embark on a healthy lifestyle, you may lose steam, get resentful of others, and even possess the idea of “throwing in the towel.” But, you WILL get through it with your own supportive self-talk. The first step towards better health is to learn to speak in positive terms and dismiss the “Can’t” and the “Won’t.”

Diet, along with positive self-talk, may be all the “medicine” you need for a healthy brain, body and spirit. I suggest you read the book Like Water for Chocolate. It is not a health book, a diet guide or reference material. Yet, it is a great read to create a better relationship with food and those around you.