Enjoy Trim Tea for National Tea Day

Tea, especially our Trim Tea, has incredible benefits. From helping to curb appetite, promoting a feeling of fullness and supporting weight loss, Trim Tea is our daily go-to. Enjoy National Tea Day with these refreshing, summertime Trim Tea recipes curated by our TLS team.

TLS Iced Blueberry Tea

1 packet TLS Trim Tea 

1 vile of Pure Collagen

15 oz of water   

Stir well  

Add desired amount of ice 


TLS Summer Sweet Tea 

1 packet TLS Trim Tea 

1 Scoop of NutriClean Fiber 

15 oz of Water  

Addesired amount of Ice 


TLS Arnie Palmer 

1 packet Trim Tea 

1 packet of Isotonix Digestive Enzymes 

10-15 oz of water 

Add desired amount of Ice 


TLS Hot Lemon Drop Tea

1 packet Trim Tea 

6 – 10 oz hot water 

Squeeze fresh Lemon juice to taste 

OPTIONAL: Add a bit of Stevia to make it sweet 


Ready to enjoy these? Make these today and be sure to tag us on social media, @tlsweightloss and the hashtag #tlsweightloss.