Tips to Destress

This month we’re focusing on stress and its effects on your health and waistline for Stress Awareness Month. While stressors are a part of each and everyone’s life, to some extent, there are things we can do to help support and lessen those stress levels. From daily practices to supplementation, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite tips for you.


Practice Gratitude | this daily practice can be such a mood booster. Gratitude helps us to focus on the littlest of aspects that are so wonderful about our lives. Often we overlook these things and practicing gratitude, whether it be vocally or by journaling, refocuses our minds on what truly fulfills our lives.


Spend Less Time Scrolling | a few minutes here, a few minutes there, scrolling can lead up to a lot of wasted time on social media and can make us feel both unfulfilled and even stressed about those things we may not have or the places we may not go, whether conscious or subconsciously.


Exercise + Fresh Air | in addition to being a mood booster, exercise can help reduce adrenal and cortisol levels that can cause stress in our body. Really looking to help your stress levels? Try taking your workout, outside to breathe in that fresh air. Fresh air helps to increase serotonin levels by raising oxygen levels in your brain.


Focus on a Healthy Diet | a huge component of the TLS lifestyle, a healthy diet is something you can start today that will benefit you in many ways, including stress levels. By focusing on fresh, whole foods, we can provide our bodies with essential nutrients which support our bodies from gut health to heart health. Our menu and meal plans feature delicious recipes that help you feel energized, alert and productive.


Add Supplementation | in addition to daily practices, adding supplementation, such as TLS ACTS (Adrenal, Cortisol, Thyroid, Stress) can help support stress levels. ACTS is formulated with holy basil and ashwagandha. These ingredients work specifically to support healthy adrenal gland function, cortisol levels, and thyroid function to help control stress levels and help minimize weight gain that is associated with increased stress.


While stress is a normal part of all of our lives, there are action steps we can take to help reduce that stress. We challenge you to pick one of these tips and incorporate it into your daily routine and see how you feel by the end of the month. For more tips on stress and your health and waistline, follow along on Facebook and Instagram.


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