That’s a Wrap – MAWC 2021

Spring is in the air; can you hear the sizzle of things heating up? It may have something to do with the fact here at TLS, we just wrapped up our Annual World Conference. This incredible event is a chance to learn, grow, celebrate successes and begin to plan for new onesThere is so much to celebrate with TLS these last six months, and if you are keeping up with us on social media, you certainly know we are movingshaking and ready to Spring into Action. 

So many success stories and lives changed with our GLDQ and Fit for Fall campaign. Our Taiwan Market hosted their 12week TLS Find Your Fit challenge with 6 deserving winners. Congratulations! 

In the New Year, we hosted our back to back 28 Days of Weight Loss challenges with Loren Ridinger, which inspired and reinvigorated all of us.

Community, fun and success has been the theme of the past six months and we are so grateful that our reach continues to grow. 

TC-V6: Our new and improved TLS Thermochrome V6 is one of the most exciting and anticipated launches this past year – this product may deliver results in just 30 daysand already has with our own 30 –day trial participants back in November. Its synergistic formula delivers an increase in energy, mental focus and supports weight loss through thermogenesis and lipolysis. It frees up stored fat for the body to use for energy. 

Remember, if you want fat to be used for energy, but without the stimulation of caffeine, choose our incredible TLS Green Coffee product. 

Shaking it up: A lot of you asked for it, and here it is – the much-anticipated TLS Cookies and Cream Nutrition ShakeCheck out our upcoming TLS Blog for some delicious recipes. Remember, this is a limited time flavor so order yours today. 

We went digital with the TLS Health Guide and Journal, making it FREE to download with the completion of the TLS weight loss profile on our This is a perfect giveaway and an incredible value for every single person to download and start their own TLS journey to become the healthiest most energetic versions of themselves. 

TLS Coaches: A huge congratulations to all the newly qualified TLS Certified Coacheswe had a record amount to celebrate and recognize.  

TLS Site and Tools: These continue to be updated so our TLS Coaches and Customers have easy access to information they need to reach their goals. 

Vegan and Vegetarian Handout: This addition is making it simple for anyone to navigate a plant-based lifestyle and incorporate it into any of our programs. 


TLS is truly the most comprehensive and effective solution for not only hitting your health and weight loss goals but maintaining them. We want to thank all the field who engaged with us and joined the journey. Be sure to join us for our upcoming Spring Into Action campaign and join the sizzle here at TLS. 


Remember, You Are Worth It!

Melanie D. Nelson