TLS Trim Tea Sells Out Due to Extremely High Demand

By: Tayler Glenn

Our hottest product in the weight loss market, TLS® Trim Tea, just sold out in minutes! The demand has been off the charts and the reception has been nothing short of amazing. We want to thank all of our UnFranchise Owners who have made Trim Tea one of our fastest selling products ever!

 Because of the high demand, we are working very hard to get this revolutionary weight loss product into the hands of every customer and UnFranchise Owner as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, TLS® offers a number of other options to keep you on track over the holidays! Here’s a quick look at the top-of-the-line products and useful resources to help keep you moving towards your goals:

 trim tea

TLS® CORE Fat & Carb Inhibitor

Like the TLS® Trim Tea, TLS® CORE helps to deal with leptin insensitivity by supporting a normal response to the leptin hormone. As one of the very few products on the market to help deal with this issue, it works in three specific ways. First, it promotes appetite suppression with the help of LeptiCore®, a clinically-proven, patent-pending, all-natural ingredient designed specifically to promote healthy weight management.* Next, TLS CORE Fat & Carb Inhibitor inhibits the amount of starchy carbohydrates being absorbed by the body. Finally, it helps to stop the body from converting excess carbohydrates into fat.*

trim tea

TLS® Tonalin® CLA 


TLS Tonalin CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is ideal for those who have lost weight, or are losing weight, and want the extra support to keep it off.  It contains natural ingredients that help redistribute fat to fat-burning muscle tissue. This helps build lean muscle mass while decreasing the amount of body fat! CLA has also been shown to enhance fat breakdown (lipolysis) within the muscle tissue and create more lean muscle.*

trim tea

TLS® 21-Day Challenge Kit

Inside the 21-Day Challenge Kit, you’ll find the Challenge Guide containing all the information you need to start your Challenge. In addition, the kit also contains a Tracking Sheet, TLS Shaker Bottle, and five of our most popular products.  This combination is provided to guide you through your challenge, enhance your weight loss efforts, and nourish your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.  When used as directed, these products provide all the essential elements for achieving successful weight loss. Plus, you’ll save 35% on all of these products by purchasing this kit!

trim tea


recipes tls


Don’t forget that the real success comes from making healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes!  There are plenty of ways to eat healthily. But, it can be can be hard to find inspiration + direction when you’re just starting out.  This is why TLS provides a number of recipes including desserts, vegetarian dishes, and appetizers. Check out what the site has to offer! It may be a little inspiration or a fun cooking party with your TLS customers!

trim tea

trim tea

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