TLS Tip: Sticking to Your Weight Loss Resolutions

By: Sue Pasqual

Did you know that most people have already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions?  Actually, studies show that only 8% of us see our New Year’s Resolutions through to the end. But, weight management and fitness have topped the charts as the most sought-after resolution goals for years. So, why have so many defaulted on these goals already?

The Problem:

The reason is because most goals are unrealistic.  For example, some people may pledge to exercise every day of the week in 2018 but, in reality, they couldn’t fit in 1 day of exercise per week in 2017. Or, what about the person who says “I will lose the 20 pounds this year”, yet doesn’t have a set plan to lose it?

These goals, while ambitious and motivating at first, are not well-thought out or realistic based on that person’s habits. It’s common to see the new year as a turning point, but that can motivate some to reach too far.

TLS Tip:

Making smart resolutions are what will help you not only achieve your 2018 goals but stick to them.  Making a plan to succeed helps.  For example: “I will exercise 3 days per week before work on Tuesday-Thursday for 30 minutes” is a better plan than simply saying you’ll exercise 3 times per week.

Also a good example: “I will lose 20 pounds this year by journaling my food, following the TLS Rapid Results program and checking in with my coach weekly.  I will use the TLS CORE and Trim Tea Supplements faithfully until I reach my goal.”

People don’t plan to fail with their resolutions, they simply fail to plan.  So, if you have slacked on your 2018 goals already, don’t get upset!  It’s still early in the year and revising them is just what the doctor ordered.
What are your tips for sticking with a New Year’s Resolution?