3 Simple Indoor Exercise With No Equipment!


By: Debbie Lui 

As the weather gets cooler, you might find yourself feeling more and more reluctant to get outside and exercise. But, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! Indoor exercise is a great winter option. Here are some suggestions that are great when you have limited space to help you Find Your Fit at home!

Water Bottle Dumbbell Weight Training

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When you don’t have a dumbbell around, it’s tempting to talk yourself into skipping a day, but you do have options! A bottle filled with water, sand, or soil is another great way to add a little weight to a number of different moves.  Incorporating weight training helps to improve muscle strength, tone, and doesn’t require much room. Next time, simply fill up a water bottle and you’re good to go!


Chair Stepping

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Stair stepping is a great way to get your heart rate up, work your glutes + quads, and add a little cardio!  Plus, it’s a great option for those that may need low-impact exercises due to hip, back, or knee pain.  These simple moves can be a great way to fit in a little extra movement while watching TV or listening to your favorite music!  However, if you don’t have stairs at home, a sturdy chair can offer a little more height and challenge for those who want to take their indoor exercise up a level.


House Work

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If you’ve been putting off the dusting and sweeping, we may have a little extra motivation for you! Did you know that an hour of sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming can burn around as much as a light 30-minute jog?

Don’t underestimate how much calories house cleaning can burn. Take advantage of cleaning activities when you’re not feeling motivated enough to hit the gym. Every bit adds up, and you might be surprised how physical cleaning can get.



There are lots of options when it comes to indoor exercise, so don’t let the weather defeat your goal of staying active and healthy. You can find more exercise ideas on tlsSlim.com.



What’s your exercise schedule for the week?  Share with us in the comments below!



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By: Debbie Lui