Our last installment of the TLS Holiday Tips is here!! You can also catch the recording of our live rendition here, and with a special appearance from Santa himself!


  1. Bring a healthy dish with you

Going to a Potluck? Ask if you can make a side dish or fun salad. Make it a tasty and guilt free so at least you will have one thing to splurge on. Remember veggie dishes don’t have to be boring. Need some ideas? Download our countless free recipes here; 

  1. Wear form-fitting clothing, no sweat suits

It’s easy to overeat when you are wearing sweat pants. You will be less likely to over-indulge if you wear a form fitting suit or dress to family dinner or gathering with friends. It certainly makes us all more mindful! Repeat after us; “No jogging suits allowed!” 

  1. Eat your meal, starting with protein and ending with starches 

Eat your plate in this order – Lean protein, veggies, then starches, grains and finally, if you planned a cheat item, end with simple sugars. Remember, protein and fiber blunt the glycemic index and help you feel full. This simple strategy helps slow the breakdown of starches and prevents the spike of blood sugar levels putting you in fat storage mode. 

  1. Take your TLS GREEN COFFEE with CG

Love sweets, starches or occasional alcoholic beverage?  

Taking our incredible GCGC helps inhibits the conversion of excess sugars into fat in your body.  It helps facilitate the use of stored fat as a source of energy – accelerating fat burning in the body when used as part of the TLS® system. What better holiday super hero to have at your side! (add link to product & disclaimer) 

  1. Eat Slowly 

Mindful eating is important every day, but especially during the holidays. East slowly and really savor the flavors. Pause between bites, take a deep breath or two, put your fork down are all strategies that will aid digestion, and also allow the body to give you the “I am full” message before you have overeaten.  

  1. Drink water between each cocktail

For many alcohol beverages are a big part of the season, so if you must, drink an entire glass of water between each cocktail/drink to space it out. This will inevitably lessen the amount you drink – reducing the number of empty calories you consume. It should also help with how you feel the next morning. You will thank us later! 

  1. Say Positive Affirmations Daily;

 A daily reminder of the goals you set, the behavior you want to adhere to is very important. Read your goals, look at your dream board, say your positive AFFIRMATIONS daily. Write your own and put them up on your bathroom mirror or on the fridge. Some of our favorites; 

“Making myself a priority with TLS is the best thing I can do for myself, my health and my loved ones.” 

“I am stronger than my cravings” 

“I am successful at everything I do, overcoming obstacles makes me stronger” 

“I deserve to be the healthiest version of myself and my new habits are getting me there” 

  1. Reduce Guilt – Utilize the different TLS Programs 

We have multiple plans here at TLS that allow for some flexibility. If you are currently on Rapid Results, go onto Sure & Steady or Continued Commitment for the season, a week, or even just certain day. This way you are always on TLS, but still feeling like you get to indulge. We are a lifestyle, not a diet.  

Learn more about our programs here. Menu plans and Recipe books free for download on each program page; 

  1. Keep the main thing – the MAIN thing.

Isn’t the Holiday season more about spending time with those we love? If we keep the main thing, the main thing, we will be more fulfilled at the end of this season for focusing on what truly feeds our hearts and souls, connection with our loved ones.  


Choose conversation over calories. The lasting happiness of creating fun and rich memories and experiences lasts longer than any meal or desert. 

We appreciate you partaking in our 30 TLS Tips  

Everyone here at TLS wishing you and your family a very Happy and blessed Holiday season.  


Melanie D. Nelson 

Director of TLS