4 Tips for Maximizing Your TLS Journey

1. Back to Basics 

Just like in football, when a team is struggling, they don’t work on the fancy plays, they go back to blocking and tackling. Same with TLS, if you want to maximize your results, check in on a weekly basis.

Ways to check in with yourself

  1. Am I drinking enough water? 
  2. Am I eating the approved foods for my program and menu plan?
  3. What are my serving sizes looking like? 
  4. Am I engaged in challenging exercise, at least 3x a week?
  5. How am I sleeping? Am I getting enough sleep?

When you monitor on a regular basis you are likely to stay on track and actually improve week to week.  

2. Use your Tools 

Using the TLS tools ensures you are continuing to grow within your journey. It is easy to slip into old habits and wonder why numbers are not moving. Our tracking sheets take the guesswork out of it.

Tools at your disposal

  1. Our New TLS menu plans and recipe booklets 
  2. Our 12-week Health Guide & Journal – the tracking sheets being a key to success. 
  3. Our educational videos, Facebook Lives, and Challenges. 
  4. The TLS supplements 
  5. Your TLS Coach or Mentor – accountability is crucial. Nothing gets you back on track or ‘taking it to the next level’, then sending your coach your tracking sheets each day.

3. Re-Commit to your Goal and the reason it is important to you on a daily basis. 

Reminding yourself daily of your goal and what is important to you is sure to maximize your results. It is important to focus all those cells in your brain on what you want to accomplish. A dream board, a poignant goal statement, and positive affirmations are fantastic ways to start each day!

4. Use the 30-Day Jump Start Kit and Program 2 – 4 x a year 

Nothing maximizes your journey more than kicking it into high gear for 4 weeks a few times a year. The body needs a cleanse to reset. It assists in energizing the body and helps to decrease our desire for junk foods. 

This is by far our most effective program, but it is not necessarily a “lifestyle” most are meant to maintain. That is why we have our other programs, programs like Rapid Results, Sure & Steady, and Continued Commitment. The Jump Start kit used strategically throughout the year is a powerful way to increase lipolytic activity (the breakdown of fat) and metabolic health. 

Remember TLS is a lifestyle, not a diet. Take each day at a time and know that each day we make healthy choices those choices compound over time. Take a moment to implement these four strategies to accelerate the investment you are making in yourself. 


Melanie Nelson 

Director of TLS