5 Methods to Creating Healthy Habits Quickly

We are creatures of habit, and NOT doing something is as much of a habit as doing something. If you are looking to add in morning meditation, after-work exercise routine, or preparing more fresh food at home instead of hitting up Uber Eats, here are 6 ways to ensure you engrain those new healthy habits quickly. It takes time to turn any new intention into a lifestyle and sub-conscious routine. Just as there are laws of gravity, there are laws to achievement, no matter what habit you want to adopt – these principles will work for all of them, incorporate all of them and you will put jet fuel on your goals.

1. A Reason Why

Be crystal clear on why you want this new habit. What will it do for you? How will your life be better because of it? How will you feel? Visualize and feel the benefits now as a way of motivating yourself. Do that daily.

2. Write it Down & Make it Visible

It is not enough to think about improving our lives, it isn’t even enough to say it aloud, we must write it down and make it visible. It takes time to create new neuropathways in our brain, so we no longer have to think about doing something, where it becomes like driving or tying our shoes. Writing it down, seeing that reminder daily on the bathroom mirror, on our phone screen saver, or on the fridge will speed up this process significantly. We have heard the saying; “out of sight, out of mind” for a reason. Putting a picture or our own words in front of us consistently is a necessary part of building new habits.

3. Scheduling & Reminders

Intentions only go so far, when it comes to new habits, if it’s not scheduled, it’s not happening. When you schedule meal prep, your workouts, your meditation and breathing, it is in the calendar, like a doctor’s appointment, or picking up your kids, and if you treat it like that, those new habits form fast. There are fun ways to change up reminders on our phones with multiple tones, sounds and even customize them to make you laugh or smile… Remember, if you make it fun, it is also more likely to stick.

4. Accountability

Do you remember when your parent taught you how to brush your teeth? And then they spent a long while standing over you helping and watching you, and then another few years harping at you each morning and night to be sure you did. Maybe even checking your breath before you walked out the door to catch the bus to school. Well, that is precisely why, no matter what, you brush your teeth, without even thinking. You had a coach and brushing buddy. Anyone who has played professional sports understands the necessity of this. Having someone in your corner to cheer you on, mentor you, keep you accountable is a powerful tool that if you are serious about your goals, you cannot overlook. This is why we have TLS Coaches & TLS Certified Coaches.

5. Bite-Sized Goals

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. We all want it all and probably wanted it yesterday, it’s human nature. However, that is a recipe for falling off the wagon. When building a new healthy habit, it is vital to first set your goal as something you know, absolutely, you will be able to hit.

Let’s use exercise as an example. Let’s say I am sedentary to mildly active, but I have a dream of being strong and fit, so I want to work out 1.5 hours, 6 days a week, 3 weight training, 3 cardio sessions. If I start there, am I likely to achieve that? And if I do, for how long? You guessed it… not long, and then I am discouraged.

If I start with where I am at now, I know I can commit and accomplish, no matter what, a 20 min walk each morning, and if I don’t get that in, I can fit it in after dinner. I am far more likely to succeed at that and build upon it. This process builds trust in yourself and lays a foundation for success. Pour the foundation before you build the home.

What is your foundation? What you can start doing today, that you know you can accomplish? Once you do, set another bite-sized goal and before you know it, your healthy habit is engrained and you are reaching your goals.


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Melanie Nelson, Director of TLS