Winning at Your New Years Resolutions

Tis the season of making positive changes, new goals or re-shaping old ones. Why is it that most people seem to lose stream by the end of February? No one will argue that change is difficult. We are creatures of habit and are prone to social pressure. So why do some people succeed and others faulter?  Is it that motivation doesn’t work, and those that faulter, make the mistake of relying on it?

How often have you said the words; “I feel so motivated!”? Exactly, not nearly enough. How often have you said the words, “I’m just not motivated to… fill in the blank…? Motivation is a nice visitor, but she is a fleeting one.

Here are 3 reasons why motivation doesn’t work and what to do about it so you can win this year.

1. Motivation is often based on an emotion or feeling. How often has the alarm gone off, you wanted to roll over, sleep in and not go to work, but you got up and went anyway? If we acted solely on how we feel, we probably wouldn’t have a job, a business or a marriage anymore. Feelings come and go, they fluctuate quickly, and life would be incredibly dramatic if we followed every whim. When it comes to our health, weight-loss and fitness goals, we can tend to do just that, rely soley on the feeling of motivation to eat healthy or exercise. This does not lead to a lifestyle, vitality or long-term results. Instead, we need to engage in consistent actions that build new habits, no matter how we feel. This leads to an improved lifestyle.

“If we do what is hard – life becomes easy. If we do what is easy – life is hard” ~ Jim Rohn

2. Motivation often comes from outside yourself. Behavior modification is temporary. Motivation is often caused by an external force but when it comes from the inside it is far more likely to last. True inspiration comes from within. Your heart, your purpose, your reason for wanting something has longevity because it is what matters to you! Explore the real reasons you want to be healthier. Why do you want to be fitter, leaner and stronger? Why is it important to you to lose those unwanted pounds? Is it to feel confident and be a more powerful version of yourself? Is it because you want to be around for your kids, grandkids and lead by example? Is it because you know you were meant for more and you know you will need your body and energy to achieve those dreams? Those reasons why are permanent fuel that is ignited within you when you focus on them. Very unlike motivation, which is like an external kick in the butt! Sure, we need it, but it can get kind of old. Find the burning passion and reason you want what you want, and you won’t want for motivation. You will be inspired from within and on a mission.

3. Motivation needs to be refilled every day, but education lasts a lifetime. Sometimes it’s a quote, a song on the radio, a story we heard, a picture we saw, or a short youtube clip that gives us a little push in the right direction. We suddenly feel motivated to do something we weren’t before. This isn’t a bad thing and be sure to use them. In fact, be purposeful about using those tools. Why? Because Motivation is like a good cup of coffee, it needs a refill. Constantly. Start your day off right with your favorite music, and your goal statement or dream board to get you up and motivated to start the day. When you choose to invest in your knowledge, like reading from our TLS Journal at lunch, listening to podcasts, watching our educational videos, attending live seminars or online trainings, you will create permanent change. When you understand logically why you are creating a change in your life – it is more likely to become permanent.

Number two keeps our heart in the game, number three keeps our head in the game, and number one is for when neither are in the game. When you find that your motivation has waned, and you have taken your eye off the prize, remember your reason why, educate yourself and do what you need to do, even when you don’t feel like it. If you do, your inspiration will overflow!

May your new year’s resolutions become your reality.
You are worth it!


Melanie Nelson