Stay Focused on your Health during the Holidays

By: Christine Howard, Social Media Manager

The Holiday season is quickly approaching which means so are the celebrations that tend to be largely centered around food – extravagant, indulgent, not your everyday dishes. No matter what your festivities look like this year, it’s important to not let your goals fall by the wayside. We’ve cooked up a few tips to help you enjoy the Holiday indulgences without unraveling your health.

Five Tips to Help you Enjoy the Holiday Meals

1. Enjoy a TLS Nutrition Shake between meals – If the TLS Nutrition Shake isn’t already your go-to, that’s about to change. We love this shake for so many reasons: its delicious flavor, the ease of bringing it wherever you may go and the fact that it’s loaded with 19g of protein to help keep you full. Looking to make your shake a bit more festive? Check out our nutrition shake recipes on our website and on social media by searching #tlsweightloss.

2. Bring a healthy dish with you – We know you can’t always control the food options at family get togethers but you can bring a healthier alternative with you. Offer to bring a healthy appetizer, side dish or protein with you. Visit our resource page for countless recipes that are all TLS-approved and most importantly, delicious.

3. Start with proteins – You’ve visited the smorgasbord of offerings and you’re ready to dive in. Starting with the proteins on your plate and ending with the starches will help you fill up on the most nutritious offerings first. You may not want that heaping of mashed potatoes by the time you finish your protein and vegetables.

4. Continue your supplementation – While our routines may change during the Holidays, our supplementation should remain the same. Stay committed to drinking your Trim Tea or Trim Cafe in the morning, taking your CORE twice daily and enjoying a Nutrition Shake at least once a day.

5. Don’t feel guilty – This one is really important. The Holiday season shouldn’t be an excuse to over indulge at every meal but it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that piece of homemade pie. Whether you bake healthier alternatives or enjoy a few homemade treats, don’t allow yourself to feel guilty.


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