Why Pick our Stay Fit Kit

Congratulations! You’ve been working so hard, exercising, eating nutritious and beneficial meals, and finally losing weight. You should be really proud of yourself. But now you are a little worried that all the progress you have made will soon disappear, and you may start going backward. Fear not! We have the perfect solution for you to keep you on track and to keep progressing forward. Our highlight of the month is our TLS® Stay Fit Kit. Our Stay Fit Kit is filled with amazing products from our line as well as the Isotonix brand that will help you continue and maintain the progress of your weight loss journey.

Inside the kit, you will find the products needed to help curb your appetite and nourish your body with key vitamins, antioxidants, and protein. These products include:

TLS® Trim Tea | Helps curb your appetite and may promote a feeling of fullness.

TLS® Nutrition Shake | Vanilla and/or Chocolate which contains 19 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber per serving with an amazing taste. You are also able to choose which shake you want or get both.

Isotonix® Daily Essential Packets |

Isotonix OPC-3® | Promotes cardiovascular health and helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

Isotonix® Multivitamin | Provides 100% or more of the recommended daily value of essential vitamins and minerals and supports a healthy immune system.

Isotonix® Calcium Plus | Supports skeletal health and promotes the normal regulation of enzyme and hormone production.

Isotonix Activated B-Complex | Increases energy and helps maintain healthy levels of serotonin, to help decrease stress and improve mood.


A large part of conquering your battle with weight management is simply finishing what you started. In our hectic lives, it can be difficult to commit to a program and stick to it. The TLS® Stay Fit Kit was developed to assist you in staying on track in your weight management journey with the convenient grouping of some of our most proven products. When used as directed, these products provide a solid foundation for supporting your metabolism and achieving successful weight management results. Don’t lose your progress get your Stay Fit Kit today.


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