New Scoops to Add to Your Favorite TLS Products

Just in, new scoops to add to your favorite TLS products. New powders have been released at MAWC 2022 and we’re so excited to share ways to elevate our products with them.



This mushroom powder is formulated with Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, and Astragalus root, delivering 4g of mushrooms. MycoAdapt helps support your immune system, provide energy, support cognitive health, and naturally aid in your body’s digestion and healthy stress response.* Plus, this powder is flavorless, making it the perfect addition to Trim Cafe, Trim Tea, and our Nutrition Shake.


Daily Greens

Boasting 13 greens to support a nutrient-rich diet, Daily Greens is a must for us. This powder is a convenient way to boost your superfoods intake and support a healthy balance of beneficial gut bacteria.* Just like our Nutrition Shake, one scoop packs a punch and makes it easy to add to your daily wellness routine. Our favorite addition for the Daily Greens is our Creamy Vanilla Nutrition Shake but it could also be added to Trim Cafe or Trim Tea.


Let us know which one of our products you enjoy Daily Greens and MycoAdapt with best. Be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram, @TLSWeightLoss, and #TLSWeightLoss. Happy Scooping!


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