Our New & Improved Weight Loss and Lifestyle Profile is Here

Here at TLS, we know one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we have our TLS Weight Loss and Lifestyle Profile quiz.  

When you complete the Profile, the results page lets you know which of our TLS programs and products are right for you. It is simple and efficient because now you can download the documents you need and add products to the cart, right from that page.

You can always access your previous results anytime, on this page of your TLS site.

Improvements to the Profile 

  • More engaging both visually and in its content.  
  • The questions are easier to read and include more options so you feel that you are being understood. 
  • Time is of the essence, so it is shorter but without compromising on the accuracy of your results. In fact, we feel it is more honed in on your specific needs. 
  • We’ve included TLS kits and some of our other essential health and nutrition products in the potential results for a more complete recommendation for your goals. We have also added a results summary email that is sent to you after you complete the profile. 

Recently, we also transitioned our physical TLS 12-week Health Guide and Journal to a digital format. It was sold online for $24.95 and is now FREE for you when you complete the profile. Simply scroll down on your results page and you will see a banner that prompts you to download it. 

There is a lot of misinformation in the weight loss industry, and you can rest assured that TLS continues to be science-based, and proven. It is simple and systemized. With our 4-pronged approach we are the most comprehensive solution in the market today, so gather some friends and family who have a desire to look and feel better, and do it together. 

Take the Profile, download your menu plan, recipe booklet and the new digital 12-week Guide & Journal and follow along together, week to week, chapter to chapter. 

If you want to watch and learn from the TLS experts, leverage the upcoming TLS 7-8-28 Challenge. Learn more about it hereDon’t leave it to fate, join the 7-8-28.


Thanks for reading and remember, you are worth it! 

Melanie Nelson, TLS Director of Sales