TLS Digital Journal: Download Yours Now

Still looking for our Health Guide & Journal? It’s digital (and free) now. Designed to help you keep up with consistent journaling, meal tracking, water intake, workouts and results. With our digital health guide and journal, you can follow your recommended program easily, each chapter has a new tracking sheet and a few pages of life changing educational material.

Our philosophy is to empower you to live the TLS lifestyle, we don’t just lay out what you need to do, we educate you as to why you are doing it. This means you are far more likely to adopt a lifestyle than be subject to another temporary behavior modification. It assists you in manage your goals and expectations on the go and stay on track.


Why We Went Digital

Not only is digital the way of the world today but having our journal as a digital platform actually allows us to offer you more. With our digital health guide and journal this now allows us to keep it up-to-date for you in real time and to offer you more options with languages, and our many international markets. 

Where to Find It

On the front of our tlsslim home page, you’ll see the banner all about our Health Guide & Journal. Click ‘Start Now’ to take your TLS Profile.

How to Download it

Complete your TLS Profile if you haven’t already. First, you’ll need to enter your email address to access the questions. Once you have done so, you’ll see the results page which has your personalized Plan and supplementation recommendationsAt the bottom of your results page is the download now banner to get your TLS 12-Week Health Guide and Journal. 

If you have taken it recently, you can also find the TLS Profile and your previous results under ‘About TLS’ and ‘Weight-loss profile.’ Find it here.