7 Bodyweight Exercises for Your Dorm!

By: Thomas Baker

As a college student, you spend most of your freshman year between the library and your dorm room, but who said that means you have to miss out on being healthy + fit? The dining halls and overwhelming University gyms can make that hard to do, but there are more than a few ways to keep that Freshman 15 at bay! Check out these bodyweight exercises + our September playlist to get your fitness on right in your dorm!

Let’s face it – the college gym is going to be packed for the first few weeks of the semester. While we’re happy for the people willing to take on the crowds, plenty of us aren’t quite ready to fight our way to the squat rack! Whether you’re just a little intimidated by the crowds and new surroundings or just want something simple to get you started on your fitness journey, there are many workouts you can do in your college dorm room! Of course, we all know the basics like squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. Those three workouts can go a long way with helping a fit-minded college student stay on track, but there are many more exercises to add in as well! Here are a 7 of our favorite different bodyweight exercises you can try, all wrapped up into 1 nice routine. Bonus: no equipment required!


Full-Body Bodyweight Exercises

Complete each move for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest between. Once you’ve completed all 7 moves, give yourself a 2-3 minute break to wrap up 1 circuit, then repeat 3-5 more times!

  • High Knees
    Run in place, bringing your knees above hip level. Remember to pump your arms like a sprinter + watch your legs go as fast as your arms do!
  • Butt Kicks
    Run in place, but use those calves and hamstrings to pull your heels to your butt with each stride.
  • Power Squats
    Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward. Sit back into a squat (don’t let your knees go past your toes!) then push up through your heels into a standing position as you push your hips forward + tighten those glutes. You’ve gotta move quickly (think 1 each second) but form comes first! Focus on making sure your knees don’t wobble or turn in as you land. 
  • T Push-Ups
    Puts a twist on the traditional push-up with this move! Perform a push-up but as you push back up, shift your weight to your right side and lift your left arm off the floor. You should look like a T! Lower down for another push-up, this time balancing on your left side as you rotate your torso the opposite way.
  • Mountain Climbers
    Begin in a high plank position, and run your legs up to your chest as fast as you can. Try to keep your body as straight and your hips as low as you can with hands directly under your shoulders.
  • Leg Lifts
    Lie on your back and place your hands either under your butt or beside your hips. From there, hold your legs straight and press your hips into the ground as you lift your legs together up to a 90-degree angle. Lower them back down (slowly!) until they hover above the floor, then repeat!
  • Supermans
    Lie on your belly and reach your arms above your head, keeping legs straight. Lift your right arm and left leg at the same time, squeeze your glutes and low back muscles, then lower each very slowly. Then, lift your left arm and right leg. Repeat.


Now, the trick is to find time for your routine and commit to working out daily (when you’re not in class or studying, of course)! We all know about the dreaded Freshman 15, but it can easily be called the sophomore fifteen or junior fifteen if you don’t make time to include a workout routine to your schedule. So, go to class, study, and don’t forget about your health. Now plug in this playlist and get to work!


Dorm Room Playlist:

  1. Breathin – Ariana Grande
  2. Rise – Jonas Blue feat Jack & Jack
  3. Happier – Marshmello & Bastille
  4. Connection – OneRepublic
  5. How Does It Feel – M-22
  6. All I Am – Jess Glynne
  7. Finest Hour – Cash Cash feat Abir
  8. Solo – Clean Bandit feat Demi Lovato
  9. Satisfied – Galantis feat MAX
  10. No tears left to cry – Ariana Grande