4 Ways to Hack Your Morning Workout


By: Debbie Lui  

We all know about the benefits of exercising. But, when it comes to morning workouts, the early bird definitely catches the worm. Many people have a tough time getting up to exercise, especially if they aren’t one of those early birds!  We wanted to share some great morning workout hacks with you to make your morning workout easier and even exciting!

Plan Ahead

Spend some time before you go to bed planning not just your morning workout, but your morning routine as well! Have your exercise gear and outfit ready the night before. When you wake up in the morning, you don’t need to spend time on packing and choosing your outfit which can save you precious minutes. It also helps to have your morning meal or snack pre-planned and a workout in place as well to eliminate some of the stress that make morning workouts less fun than they really are!


Don’t Skip Breakfast

Don’t go exercise on an empty stomach; you need the nutrients and energy to start your morning. Plan ahead by preparing your breakfast the day before or pre-mixing a TLS Shake!  Even if you do choose to prep an entire meal, re-heating your breakfast in the next morning will take far less time than preparing it from scratch.


Get Creative

Exercise doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Do you hate running? Then swap the squat rack for the treadmill. Do you want to tone and build muscle but hate the idea of free weights? Try out a new bodyweight circuit or sign up for a class! You can switch the type of exercise once a week or every day! Just pick something that you enjoy and your workout will feel much less like a chore.


Get a Workout Buddy

Things tend to get a bit easier when you have a partner to do something together. Call your friend or neighbor whom you know will join you in the morning for a run or yoga class! Not only will it help motivate you during your workout, but you’re much less likely to skip the gym when you know your friend is waiting there for you.  Accountability can go a long way when it comes to creating healthier habits!



Do you know any other creative tricks and hacks for a morning workout? Share in the comments below!



Topic:  簡易早晨運動貼士

By: Debbie Lui






  • 在前一天晚上準備好運動裝備及服裝。當你第二天早上起床時,便不需要花時間收拾和準備衣服。這樣可以幫你節省在早上辰預備的時間。



  • 不要空肚做運動。你需要營養和能量開始你的一天。預早一天計劃,購買和準備你的早餐。這樣你便不需要花太多時間在第二天早上準備。一個新鮮蘋果加雞絲沙律三文治都是一個好的選擇。



  • 做運動不一定是沉悶乏味。你可以每星期或每天換一次運動類型!選擇你喜歡的運動,或嘗試你從未做過的新運動。如果你選擇一些你根本不喜歡做的事,這個早晨運動的習慣恐怕不能保持很長的時間。



  • 當你有一個合作夥伴一起做事的時候,所有事情都會變得更容易。不妨打電話給有興趣跟你一起運動的朋友或鄰居一起晨早跑步。