Top Weight Loss Trends for 2020

By: Tayler Glenn

Our weight loss trends for 2020 are in! When you’re building out your 2020 plan for weight loss or wellness, you always want to be informed so you can stay on the cutting edge, so keep these weight loss trends for 2020 in mind!

Weight Loss Trends for 2020


Wearable Tech Brings More Valuable Data to Your Fingertips

Thanks to rapid tech advances, wearable fitness trackers have made the switch from smartphone assistants to personalized wellness devices.  By providing easy-to-read snapshots of activity, sleep, heart rate, and even stress levels, we’ve got more information to optimize our wellness and weight loss in 2020. And in the year ahead, new gadgets, updates, and apps will allow even more of us to improve the small choices we make each day like what we eat, how much we move, & our quality of sleep.

But, as great as those numbers can be, keep an eye on your relationship with your gadgets. They tell you patterns & habits but, if you find yourself becoming obsessive or overly anxious, consider ditching yours for a bit.

Our favorites: Apple Watch Series 4, Fitbit Charge 3, Fitbit Versa

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At-Home Workouts Will Continue to Rise

For those that don’t feel comfortable hitting the gym (or just don’t want to), there’s good news! At-home-fitness programs like Peleton, Mirror, and living-room-friendly band workouts are a major competitor for standard gyms.  By providing a comfortable space, easy access, and an engaged community, smart exercise bikes, rowing machines, weight lifting systems, and their online apps are taking home fitness to another level.

Our Favorites: Echelon Smart Bike, HomeComplete Fitness Bands

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Plant-Based Meat Goes Beyond Burgers

Impossible burgers made a huge splash in 2019, but 2020 is going to take that further with options like vegan eggs and fish! Expect to see a variety of new products and brands enter the market to challenge the brands we know such as Impossible Foods & Beyond Meat. If you’ve been curious about making a plant-based switch, this might be your year!

Note: Just because something is plant-based doesn’t mean it’s healthy! Advertisers often use the “health halo effect”, utilizing words like “organic” and “natural” to make items sound far healthier than they are. Always keep an eye on those nutrition labels!

Our Favorites: Primal Jerky

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Chickpeas go Cauliflower

Meaning that chickpeas are going to be everywhere this year. Roasted, air fried, puffed, and marinated – expect the variety of flavors and recipes to go through the roof! We’re pretty okay with it though, seeing as the bean has plenty of protein & fiber to help you towards those 2020 weight loss goals.

Our Favorites: The Good Bean, Banza Chickpea Pasta, Hippeas

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Flexitarian Kicks Keto Off Its Throne

2019 was pretty keto-heavy. Like most trendy diets, the studies are coming out months after the height of the fad and the results are less than great. Keto isn’t the healthy diet it’s been chalked up to be, and many health professionals claim that it shouldn’t be followed for lengthy periods of time unless you’re directed to by a doctor. So, now that that extreme has been taken down a notch, the flexitarian diet is filling that space.

It’s a fancy name for a health-conscious, plant-based diet. For example, a flexitarian may eat mostly vegan but occasionally consume meat or fish.  It’s definitely a more sustainable way of eating than keto and, better yet, it works great with the TLS® Weight Loss System!