After #FindYourFit: What’s Next?

By: Tayler Glenn


You did it! You completed 12 weeks of the TLS® #FindYourFit Challenge to create healthier habits & a healthier you! We hope you are so incredibly proud of yourself (you should be!), but we know that the end of a challenge brings up a few questions. What’s next? We’ve got a few tips to get you going.


After #FindYourFit

Look Back at Your Journey

It sounds intuitive, but we often forget this very important step: CELEBRATING!

It’s tempting to move right along to the next thing, but you & your body definitely deserve a moment to enjoy where you are right now.

Take some time to look back over your journal and note how you felt at the beginning. See how your body, thoughts, & habits changed as you learned how to select healthier foods and create those healthier habits. Be proud of the obstacles you overcame, note the ones you struggled with, and how you’re feeling as you look back over it all now.

Now, take some time to write all of this down. This challenge is about so much more than simply losing weight; it’s about creating a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that makes you feel great! Logging this hard work and having physical proof of your success in your own words is a powerful reminder when you need a little motivation (or just a mood boost!) in the future.


Decide What Your Next Goal Is

Now that you’ve taken a moment to log & celebrate your success, take some time to think about what to do next. There’s no one right answer – this totally depends on you! But, here are a few ideas:

  • Did you meet your goal weight? Great! Now, how about focusing on improving strength & body composition? Find a few weekly classes or a program that will help move you forward, then head back to either the Weight Loss Profile or your TLS® Coach to discover the meal plan that will fuel your muscles to build & grow!
  • Did you miss your goal weight by a few pounds? This is a great chance to re-commit! Look back over your journal and, after ensuring that your goal weight is within a healthy range, try and figure out what held you back. Were there unplanned trips or life events? Did you need a little more support than you thought? Maybe you tried to change too much at once! Whatever your stumbling block is, this is your chance to hone in & tackle it.
  • Did you want to move on to athletic goals? Love it! Sign up for a race or hire a personal trainer and commit to being able to lift a certain weight. Next, figure out which meal plan and recipes you can have on-hand to support you!
  • Did you want to work on consistency? This is a big one that most of us will glaze right over! If we’re really honest with ourselves, we tend to go back and forth on even our healthiest habits. Things like drinking enough water each day, not overdoing it on sugar, or remembering to take supplements – these are all perfected with practice! Pick one thing, then commit to doing it every single day for 30 days.


Broaden Your Healthy Horizons

Just because you’ve learned to select healthier foods or finally fell in love with movement doesn’t mean this is the end of the road. It’s only the beginning!

Take those healthy recipes & healthy habits you loved and start getting creative! See if jackfruit really is a good replacement for meat in recipes or if curry and saffron are the flavors your palate has been missing. Maybe yoga was fun, but aerial yoga or salsa dancing looks really fun. Give it a try! The options are truly endless.


What are you doing after the #FindYourFit Challenge?
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