Summer Workout Tips

By: Sue Pasqual

Summertime is often a time people become more social.  There always seems like there’s more to do during the summer months, so exercise sometimes can take a back burner if something better comes up.  Follow these tips to ensure you get in your exercise during the summer months:

1.) Exercise in the morning.  Sure, it is harder to wake up earlier, but then it is done with.  Plus, it isn’t as hot in early morning hours

2.) Bring a friend.  Inspire a friend to go with you.  That way you both have accountability.

3.) Change it up.  Try a new class, new walking/jogging route or simply buy a new DVD on to do an at-home workout.

4.) Buy new workout clothes and sneakers.  If you have new gear to wear, you’ll be more apt to get out there and do it!

5.) Schedule it in.  If you don’t have a plan, those after work parties may be more appealing.