Post-Exercise Whey Protein Cuts Later Food Intake

By: Mark Lange, PhD

Researchers from Loughborough University in the UK studied 15 resistance-training men, giving them either a dextrose sugar drink or a whey protein drink after exercise to see what effect it had on later food consumption.  After about an hour, the participants were offered a meal and told they could eat all they wished.

Although both post-exercise drinks contained the same number of calories, those who consumed the whey protein drink ate less than those who consumed the sugar drink.  The average energy intake per meal for participants who consumed the protein drink was 3742 kJ, compared to 4172 kJ for those who consumed the sugar drink.  This is a 10% reduction is caloric intake.

These results suggest that consuming whey protein after resistance exercise may be of value in supporting an energy deficit for weight loss.