Commuting by Cycling Found to be Best for Keeping Trim

By: Mark Lange, PhD

Physical inactivity is a leading cause of obesity and premature mortality.  A study published in Lancet looked at the relationship between the way 72,999 men and 83,667 women commuted to work and percentage of body fat.  The study found that about 60% of men and women commuted by car or public transportation.  About 20% of study participants walked or cycled to work.  The commuters that cycled to work had the lowest BMIs and a weight difference of 5 kg compared with those driving or taking public transport.  Walking also was associated with significantly reduced BMI and body fat, but to a lesser degree.  The findings support the case for interventions to promote active transport for prevention of obesity in mid-life.


Source:  DOI:  The Lancet Vol.4, No. 5. pp 420-435, May 2016