Stay On Track During Vacation (& Enjoy Yourself, Too!)

By: Tayler Glenn

There’s something about vacation that brings out one voice whispering “when you go on vacation, so do your healthy habits” and another saying “but you’ve already worked so hard to get where you are”! Thankfully, you aren’t stuck between all or nothing. It’s absolutely possible to enjoy your vacation and the local food that comes with it without packing extra pounds for the trip home! Here’s how to stay on track during vacation while actually enjoying your hard-earned time off.

Pack Smart

Before your trip, make time to restock on travel-friendly options to toss into your car, purse, or suitcase. Think protein bars, TLS® Whey Shakes, Trim Tea/Trim Cafe, and make-ahead snacks – anything that you can eat on the spot or mix with something simple like water! Try to look for bars high in protein and low on carbs. We tend to get more than enough carbs on the road, but often struggle to hit adequate amounts of protein.

Use What You’ve Got

Whether you’re heading to a new city, to the beach, or to the mountains, you’ve got plenty of resources at your disposal to fit in some fitness! A walk or jog in along the sandy beaches are a great way to torch calories & a steep, challenging hike will take care of those muscles. If you’re visiting a new city, try to walk everywhere that’s within a mile. It’s a great way to really explore a new city & you won’t even notice you’re adding some healthy steps to stay on track during vacation!

Of course, if you’re unsafe walking or the weather is bad, you can always take advantage of some hotel room bodyweight workouts or hit the hotel gym before heading out for the day! You may not get your usual workout done, but anything is better than nothing.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Making sure you’re staying properly hydrated will help you stay on track during vacation by curbing cravings, boosting energy, and helping to keep those hangovers from ruining your morning.  It really is one of the best things you can do to help you lose weight and stay on track no matter what. Try to get between 90-110oz per day, especially if you’ll be drinking on your trip.

Speaking of drinks, don’t forget that there are options besides booze and water! Many places have healthier mocktails and some even have Kombucha on tap right next to the beer. If you’ve gotta have one, just shy away from ones heavy in creams and syrups.


Choose Wisely

Eating out is a part of vacation, and not one you should have to abstain from entirely! Indulge consciously on items you wouldn’t be able to enjoy at home, and stick to these tips for the rest:

  • Stick with words like steamed, grilled, and baked. Avoid words like sauteed and fried.
  • If ordering a salad order the dressing on the side. Most restaurants overdo it, so it’s always safer to make sure you’re controlling what you eat based on your goals.
  • Watch portions. Portion sizes have only gotten bigger over the years, and one portion is usually far more substantial than a serving size. Share with a friend or have them box up half for later!


Supplement Smart

Even with the best intentions, things can go totally sideways on us. Planes get delayed, reservations go missing, and we get lost in new places – it happens! That’s why you’ve got your TLS® supplements.

Depending on what your needs & obstacles are, you can keep yourself from falling away from healthy habits with the right supplementation. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Cravings: Trim Tea, Trim Cafe, CORE
  • Stress: ACTS
  • Energy: Trim Cafe, Thermochrome

…plus many more on our site! If you’re not sure what fits you best, we’ve got an easy way to find out with our free Weight Loss Profile.



How do you stay on track during vacation? Tell us in the comments below!