By: Melanie Nelson

Yes, summer is the season of sunbathing, BBQ and beers… but it doesn’t mean you can’t stay FIT this summer by engaging in some summer fun activity! Here are some great ideas for not only fitting fitness in that the whole family can enjoy, but making memories as well.

Fun Ways To Stay Fit this Summer

  1. Find your local state parks to explore. Make a plan to hit as many as you can with friends or the family. They have great trails for hiking, walking or biking. Many have options for canoeing, paddleboarding etc.. Do something fun and new!
  2. Early morning or late night walks. Depending on where you live, there is nothing better than a sunrise or sunset walk with the people you love! Download a pedometer app and try to get 5000 steps in on each walk to get to the desired 10,000 steps a day to be considered active.
  3. At home workouts; You don’t even need equipment a towel or mat on the floor is sufficient. 20 – 40 minutes of a combination of foundational movements like squats, push up’s, sit ups, planks, jumping jacks and step ups on your staircase or picnic table and you will be all set! Make it fun and pump some music and see who wants to join in. Fitness apps and Youtube have plenty of workouts you can follow in your living room, front or back yard!
  4. Add some resistance training with resistance bands, they take no space up at all and you can get some biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, back and leg workouts in. Here are several videos to give you some info and inspiration!
  5. Bike tours; with restrictions on travel and social distancing, who’s to say you can’t explore local cities and towns within your state. Pack the bikes on the rack, and find a new place to explore via bike. This is a great way to see new areas quickly – finding out where you might want to go back and spend more time. Be sure to read up on the rules of the road if you’re not an avid biker.

A healthy body composition (muscle to fat ratio in the body) is not only essential to sculpting your body and looking great. In addition, it is also incredibly important for long term health! Muscle is built and maintained by challenging the body so try something new, mix up your routine, and have some fun with it!

Thanks for reading – comment below with your favorite ways to stay fit in the summer, or which of these you are excited to incorporate.

Remember; you are worth it!