Don’t Forget to Spring Into Summer with TLS®!

By: Thomas Baker

The weather is finally turning and summer is almost here! Do you have your Weight Loss Profile results and meal plan? Are your fitness & physique goals written down for you to accomplish? If you need a little motivational boost in the right direction, we’ve got some great workout plan ideas to help you Spring into Summer!

Spring Into Summer with TLS®!

You still have some time before summer rolls in, so now is the perfect time to decide on a plan that fits your goals! You have your Weight Loss Profile to help you choose the best meal plans & supplements, so now you just have to find a workout plan that fits! There are more than a few different workout plans you can choose, from a get-fit-quick overhaul to a 21-day challenge all the way to a 4-week, 6-week plan or 8-week plan!



A get-fit quick workout plan is for the really committed, active people who are ready to make changes happen now. Burning fat is the main goal of this workout plan so it will require high-intensity workouts on a relatively regular basis. Like we said, this is not the plan for beginners! It will require a lot of energy for each workout and a solid fitness base to ensure safety and injury prevention during your workouts. That being said, each workout will test your endurance. The harder and longer you go, the more fat is being burned.


The 21-Day Challenge

A 21-day challenge is good if you need to renew, replenish and reshape your body from the inside, out. Most 21-day challenges, including the TLS® 21-Day Challenge, starts with a detox. Next, they are typically followed by a diet free from added sugars, caffeine, and refined carbs to fine-tune your diet and also include frequent exercise to improve body composition. These challenges are a great way to help your body find a fresh start and give you the tools to fuel your body with the energy you need to make it to the finish line. Following the diet to a T while working out 5-6 in a week is one of the best ways to help your body shed that excess, stubborn fat and, by the end of the 21 days, you’ll feel a lot better – both physically and mentally!


The 4 & 6-Week Plans

If you don’t need to worry as much about a time crunch or just want a more gradual approach,  a 4 or 6-week plan is perfect for you! Each week will consist of five workouts with 2 rest days, and each workout targets a specific area of the body. You’ll work your upper-body then your lower-body the first two days, enjoy a rest day on Wednesday, then it’s back to the gym. Thursday is a great time to hit core followed by a full-body day on Friday, and finish the week strong with a cross-training day on Saturday!

During the four weeks you should follow these steps for optimal results:

  • Week 1 – Focus on form
  • Week 2 – Go for more reps
  • Week 3 – Increase your weights
  • Week 4 – Complete an extra round

There aren’t many differences between the 4-week and 6-week workout plans. The 6-week workout plan is a continuation of the 4-week plan, but the additional two weeks can be used to add more weight or more reps per exercise. Continuing to challenge your body in this way will continue to help you burn fat and build muscle.


The 8-Week Plan

The 8-week workout plan is similar to the 4 and 6-week plans. The main difference here simply comes from the addition of a maintenance period! This plan is broken into two parts: building and maintenance.

The first four weeks would be focused on dialing in nutrition while incorporating strength training and cardio. You’ll be getting into shape and pushing yourself, knowing that a (slightly) easier four weeks is ahead!  By the end of the first period, you’ll have built up your energy, endurance, and strength to create a better body composition.

The second four weeks will take a step back in intensity because we simply can’t healthily be in “challenge mode” all the time. Take the fifth and sixth weeks to dial back on the intensity at the gym by slightly reducing the number of reps or rounds  Just remember that you should still be pushing yourself during your workouts and you still want to be following your meal plan closely! In the final two weeks, replace your cross-training day with an active rest day. This helps to baby-step you into a lifestyle that you can maintain and get you away from the high-intensity workouts that can put a damaging strain on your body when done for too long.


Workout Playlist

Whichever workout plan you decide to do, make sure you read and prepare before starting. Set your short-term goals so keep you honest and focus. Now that you’ve received your summer reminder, plug in this playlist and get moving!

  1. Body – Loud Luxury
  2. Happier – Marshmello & Bastille
  3. One Kiss – Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa
  4. Here We Go Again – Sigma
  5. Snacks – Jax Jones
  6. Frequently Flying – Sonny Fodera
  7. Cheatin’ – Nathan Dawe
  8. Symphony – Clean Bandit
  9. Don’t Need No Money – Imani Williams
  10. Ain’t My Fault – Zara Larsson