3 Reasons to Become a TLS® Certified Coach!

By: Tayler Glenn

Deciding to start your journey with TLS® is a huge step in the direction of taking control of your health and future, and there are so many doors that open up to you once you make the commitment. One of those opportunities is becoming a  TLS® Certified Coach!  Find out more about what this means and why our TLS® Certified Coaches love their role below!

What is TLS® Weight Loss Solution?


Even if you’re new to TLS® Weight Loss Solution, you know that it offers a complete, science-based program designed to fit you and your unique lifestyle! With a focus on low-glycemic impact eating and body composition, it provides education, science-based supplementation, and extensive, custom-made plans that cover everything you need to meet your goals!

This inclusive approach not only assists you in achieving your own weight loss goals but helps to establish habits that create a new, healthy lifestyle for those you care about, too! TLS® provides all of the specifically designed tools you need to be an effective TLS® Certified Coach and make a difference in the lives of others.


Why Become a Certified TLS® Coach?

tls coach


Changing Lives for the Better!

How many times has a hectic schedule kept you from meeting your health and fitness goals? As a TLS® Certified Coach, you have a chance to help others overcome those obstacles! You’ll help change lives for the healthier with a science-based program and supplementation to assist others in losing the unhealthy habits that are holding them back. There are so many diets and programs on the market promising stellar results, but most of these are short-term solutions that result in gaining back all of that weight as soon as you stop the diet or program! This vicious cycle that leaves people feeling exhausted, defeated, and stuck.  As a TLS® Certified Coach, you’ll be equipped with the support, education, and tools to teach a healthy lifestyle to create happy clients and a thriving business!


Turn Your Passion Into Your Business!

Getting out of bed every morning to go and do something you don’t want to never gets easier. In fact, the longer you do it, the more difficult it seems to get! Why not put that same time and effort into something that ignites your passion? One of our favorite things about joining the UnFranchise Business is knowing that you have the chance to focus on what you are truly passionate about. If that passion is health and wellness, then you’ve found your match as a TLS® Certified Coach! As you play a vital role in TLS® Weight Loss Solution, you’ll be making strides towards creating the ongoing income to fuel your dreams and actually enjoying the work you do along the way. TLS® Certified Coaches can earn $300 a week or more doing what they love. After all, life is too short not to pursue your interests and profit from your passion!*


Access to Leads, Support, and more!

When we say we give you access to everything you need in order to succeed, we mean it! As a TLS® Certified Coach, you will have access to leads from the main TLSslim.com site as well as the leads you create for yourself. With TLS®, you’re part of a supportive and empowered community of entrepreneurs that are ready to cheer you on every step of the way! Not only can you enjoy the continuous support and leads, but we can also ship products to your customers for you while you work from home, set your own hours, spend more time with your family, and be your own boss. That’s an opportunity that’s hard to pass up!



As an TLS® Certified Coach, you have a world of possibilities right at your fingertips.
Join us and achieve success by sharing your passion with the world!





*The examples of income shown for each of the UnFranchise Owners featured in Power People are not intended to be representative of the earnings of any specific class of Market America UnFranchise Owners, nor are they intended to represent that any given UnFranchise Owner will earn income in that amount. Rather, the income figures testify to the results which have been accomplished by UnFranchise Owners who have devoted time, talent, hard work and a willingness to follow the UnFranchise proven business Plan in building their Market America businesses. The success of any Market America UnFranchise Owner will depend upon the amount of hard work, talent and dedication that he or she devotes to the building of his or her Market America business.