TLS Top 21 Sales Contest: Leaders Update

By: Tayler Glenn

These are exciting times for TLS®! If you’ve been keeping up, you know that we’re right in the middle of our most exciting global competition ever to be conducted: the TLS® Top 21 Sales Contest.  Our Coaches from Taiwan to Canada have been working hard to secure their spot in the #TLStop21 celebration that includes an invaluable small-group training + so much more!  Below are the top 50 UnFranchise® Owners (UFOs) currently in competition.

There are UFOs from Canada, Taiwan, and the United States in the current top 50. Don’t see your country’s name on the list? No worries; UFOs in the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, Mexico, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore still have time to get in the race and claim a spot in the top 21!

Keep up the pace; the race is very competitive, but it’s not too late to be a contestant!

Congratulations to our top 50 UFO TLS sales leaders during the first seven weeks of the contest (Feb. 1 through March 31). Keep up the good work!


BDC Home Country

Lee and Carin Roberts USA
Lanie and Van Nguyen USA
Jessica and Joseph Viscome USA
Liberty Freeman USA
Omega Fitness Llc USA
Susan Pasqual USA
Jay Martinez USA
Xiao-Ou Lin USA
Yudan Chen CAN
乙太企業股份有限公司 TWN
佾捷企業社 TWN
吳光鴻 and 吳麗卿 TWN
吳千惠 and 王儀旭 TWN
周子騰 TWN
康庭企業社 TWN
張月姚 TWN
彭昭英 TWN
惠宏企業社 TWN
曹玉芬 TWN
曾素鳳 TWN
李味鎂 TWN
李天衣 TWN
李姵儂 TWN
林思羽 TWN
林秀苹 TWN
林肯尼體適能 TWN
江柏南&馮麗群 TWN
沈明珠 TWN
涂雅雯 TWN
溫桀熙&林佳陵 TWN
潘依瑩 TWN
王家偉 TWN
王耀廷 TWN
禾豐國際顧問有限公司 TWN
維巾有限公司 TWN
翁宗標 and 蘇惠琴 TWN
董威麟 and 劉彥秀 TWN
蔡玉娟 TWN
蕭雅純 TWN
許珍瑜 and 鄭憲鴻 TWN
鄧玉婷 TWN
鄭伃絜 TWN
鄭卿貝 TWN
鄭毓萱 and 李長興 TWN
鍾雪琴 TWN
闕君慈 TWN
陳俊誼 and 王齡羚 TWN
陳家豪 TWN
馮于真 TWN
黃以涵&涂朝陽 TWN


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