5 Spring Exercise Tips

By Sue Pasqual

If you live in an area that gets cold during the winter months, you may be excited when you see that glimpse of sunlight out your windows.  Getting some fresh air and changing up your exercise routine will be a great change to your body.  Here are some Spring exercise tips to help you spring into spring:

1.) Buy some new sneakers.  Often times, we do not change our sneakers enough.  Having good sole support in important for your body and will lessen aches and pains in your feet.

2.) Invest in an outdoor bike.  Many bike shops offer great deals on bikes from the previous year and they want to move out inventory to get in the newest versions.  Don’t forget your helmet! SHOP.com always has great deals and if you download the shop buddy app from your phone or computer, through SHOP.com, you will see all the online coupon codes to use!

3.) Find a friend! Ask your friends to join you on a lunch-time walk around your building or an after-work jog in a park.  Having a partner lessens the risk of you skipping out on it.

4.) Don’t be afraid of intervals.  They can be done anywhere.  For example, if you’re a walker, walk at your normal exercise pace to one telephone pole then walk faster to the next!  If you’re a jogger, you can use sprints too!

5.) Be sure to recover after exercise with healthy eating.  You should consume quality protein within 30 minutes of exercise.  Sometimes, I cannot get that in, so I keep a package of the TLS Whey protein shake with me.  I just re-fill my water bottle with water and pour, shake and drink!