Why high-intensity workouts may be the key to sticking with your exercise program

By Kristin Pulling

Over 75% of adults in the US do not get the recommended daily amount of physical activity.[1] Many people dread going to the gym, which could explain the lack of adherence to an exercise regimen, despite the known benefits of physical activity. However, there is good news: high-intensity workouts may help increase compliance to a workout program.

New research examined the enjoyment levels of young adults participating in high-intensity workouts versus moderate workouts, over the course of six weeks. At the start of the six-week study, participants rated enjoyment for both high-intensity and moderate workouts equally. By week four, participants reported more enjoyment in high-intensity workouts. For the high-intensity group, enjoyment levels continuously increased throughout the study. However, for participants in the moderate workout group, enjoyment levels remained low throughout the six-week study.

Despite being more physically demanding, participants rated high-intensity workouts as more enjoyable than moderate workouts, over a six-week time period. During this time, participants in the high-intensity group progressively increased their strength, which may have contributed to increases in enjoyment. If you’re looking for a workout program that you’ll stick to, you may want to try high-intensity exercises.

[1] https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/exercise.htm