What is 54D?

By: Tamara Weinstein, PT, DPT, MS, CCN

Director of Sales & Continued Education for Health & Nutrition

54D is a global fitness company dedicated to human transformation with the mission of creating a physically, mentally and emotionally strong community through its training program.  It is known for its innovative approach to fitness and its commitment to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals through a combination of intense exercise and nutritional guidance.  It offers a unique, high-intensity workout program that combines cardio, strength training, and functional movements as well as custom nutrition, recovery therapy and community.


The founder, Rodrigo Garduño, is a world-renowned former professional soccer player, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker.  Named by Apple as one of the most important worldwide fitness brands’ and by NBC as the King of Fitness in the United States.  His work has been featured in some of the leading fitness and business publications such as: Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, FORBES, HOLA!, Entertainment Tonight and many more.


There are several benefits of the 54D program:

Improved fitness: The high-intensity workouts are designed to challenge participants and improve their cardiovascular health, muscular endurance, and overall fitness level.

Weight loss: The combination of intense workouts and nutritional guidance can help individuals lose weight and improve their body composition.

Motivation and support: The 54D program is designed to provide motivation and support to its participants, helping them stay on track with their fitness goals and achieve success.

Increased confidence: As individuals make progress and achieve their fitness goals, they may experience increased confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Community: The 54D program provides a sense of community and camaraderie among participants, helping individuals feel supported and encouraged in their fitness journey.

54D workouts are known for their intensity, which push participants to their physical limits for significant fitness improvements. Modifications can be made to accommodate different fitness levels and abilities, allowing individuals to gradually build up their strength and endurance over time.


To prevent injury, if you are not already fit, start with lighter exercise and gradually increase the intensityto allow your body to adapt to the demands of the program.  Modifications can be made to exercises to make them easier or less intense. For example, if a particular exercise is too difficult, it can be modified by slowing the pace, reducing the weight/body weight or decreasing the number of repetitions. Alternatively, a different exercise that targets the same muscle group can be substituted. It is important to listen to your body and take breaks as needed to prevent overexertion or injury.*


How to register for 54D ON:

1. Go to Shop.com
2. Choose your 54D ON monthly subscription for $99.95
3. Add to cart
4. Add your payment method and process your payment
5. You are Done!


Next Steps:  

When your purchase is done, a trigger immediately activates your account in the 54D ON Platform.

1. You will receive a Welcome Email with the next steps to follow and what you will see during your first week on the platform.

2. During your first week of access within the 54D ON app, you will have your Daily Activities scheduled:

Welcome video
Video Introduction to the first phase of Nutrition
Shopping list
Phase guidelines
Material’s list
Support texts

IMPORTANT: During registration week all the information is repeated every day, since we do not control the day you enter the platform, as this depends on the day you buy your program.

3. Once the week of registration is over, the following Monday the training begins. Your Coach will be with you from the beginning, and the Group chat opens on Monday when training starts.

54D and TLS are two different fitness and wellness programs that can work together synergistically and benefit each other in several ways.  The TLS program focuses on making sustainable lifestyle changes to help individuals achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals. The program provides education on nutrition, exercise, and healthy habits, as well as support and accountability to help individuals stay on track with their goals. By following the TLS program, individuals can develop healthy habits that can support their long-term health and wellness. The 54D program focuses on high-intensity workouts that can help individuals improve their fitness level and lose weight. The program also provides nutritional guidance, which can help individuals make healthier food choices and support their weight loss goals. By following the 54D program, individuals can improve their overall fitness level, lose weight, and develop healthier habits.  


By combining these two programs, individuals can benefit from the high-intensity workouts of the 54D program while also learning how to make sustainable lifestyle changes through the TLS program. Those individuals who are working with the TLS program can use their improved fitness level to participate in the high-intensity workouts of the 54D program, further improving their fitness level and weight loss goals.  Those individuals who are training with the 54D program can use the knowledge and skills they have gained to make healthier food choices and develop healthy habits that support their long-term health and fitness goals. They can continue their journey to health with the TLS program.


The 54D and TLS programs work together seamlessly to provide a powerful and comprehensive approach to fitness and wellness.  Together they will help individuals achieve and maintain their health goals, weight loss goals and fitness goals over the long term.




* Please consult your physician before starting this or any other exercise program.