“I just want more energy” is one of the most common phrases we hear from our new clients here at TLS, and thankfully TLS delivers! Our comprehensive 4-pronged approach naturally boosts your energy, but there still may be days you feel you need some extra support. This is why ENERGY is the TLS theme of the month. 

Did you know that when you are living a healthy lifestyle with TLS and you feel “tired”, your body could be ‘up to something’, on the inside? Things like fighting off an invader, repairing or detoxing, so it is important to honor your body with a bit more rest, water, and nutritious foods, versus stimulants. 

When rest is not an option, here are some fun, quick ways to boost your energy at the office or at home…  

1) A quick, 2.5-minute session of activity to get the blood flowing!  

  • 20 Jumping Jacks  – 10 seconds off –  Repeat 5 times. (Just do jacks if you can’t jump) 

2) Breathing exercises to increase the oxygen in your system! 

  • Place your hands around your rib cage and purposefully breathe in and expand your ribcage – this allows you to fill the entire lung, not just the upper part, which is when you only raise your chest. 
  • Breathe in fully and deeply expanding the rib cage. 
  • Hold at the top for a count of 4  
  • Exhale with force and use the belly to push out any air remaining. 
  • Repeat 5 times 

3) Increase your nutrients quickly with the rapid absorption of ISOTONIX.  


More incredible tips on how to increase energy naturally were shared by the TLS Team on our monthly live zoom.

Comment below and let us know how these work for you. Thanks for reading and remember, you are worth it. 

Melanie D. Nelson 

Director of TLS