Healthy Holiday Tips

The Holiday season is upon us and with it the gatherings filled with rich food and beverages. We are committed to your health, so to assist you in maintaining your progress, and not blowing it all on one season, we will be sharing TLS proven tips so you can have a happy, healthy TLS-friendly holiday season! (and still enjoy it)

A 2016 study published from the New England Journal of medicine, stated that data obtained from 2924 persons by means of wireless scales show significant increases in weight over the Christmas holidays. Weights also increased in Japan during Golden Week, in Germany over Easter, and in the United States over Thanksgiving.

The problem escalates when we don’t lose it, or we lose it in an unhealthy way – only to gain it back and then some.

We hope you enjoy this fun holiday campaign, there will be one tip posted daily on our IG and FB channel and our next few blogs will cover a few at a time. Be sure to share them…


  1. Set realistic goals.

For the vast majority, the holiday season is NOT the time to set a goal to lose weight and get ripped. Adding additional stress and pressure to meet a goal like this is not on most people’s Christmas list. How about a goal to Maintain your weight, not gain weight this season. Our coaches often run “Zero pound challenges” to assist their clients in doing just that and so will the following few blogs as we cover 30 proven TLS tips


  1. Plan out your Cheat meals 

There are days coming up, you know you are going to indulge! So instead of the slippery slope of over-indulgences, plan it and stay on track the other days. Whether it’s having your favorite pie from Aunt Sue, Grandpa Jacks famous stuffing plan the night, plan the meal or item you are going to enjoy guilt free. TLS is not about deprivation; the key is to plan your Cheat meals and stick to that plan. Dining out? Have a TLS friendly entrée and choose which one of the three is your indulgence. An appetizer, a desert, or an adult beverage, choose 1 and ENJOY it guilt free! You’re Welcome


  1. Communicate your goals

In order to achieve the goal of maintaining not gaining this holiday season, it’s important to communicate to friends, family, co-workers your goal and plan. They are far more likely to support you if you request that support clearly. Let them know specifically how they can support and why it is important to you. Keeping your goals secret will end poorly. Just as a little support and accountability goes a long way!


  1. Learn from The Past! 

Every year at the EXACT same time, the Holidays come… Over-eating & drinking leads to feeling crappy & guilty, and a lot of regret in January. If it is predictable, it’s preventable. Why rinse and repeat guilt and regret? Learn from it and this year commit to doing it just a little bit differently so you can enjoy the entire season. That is what it means to THRIVE.


Keep following our Holiday ‘Thrival’ tips, we are just getting started!

Remember you are worth it!

Melanie D. Nelson

Director of TLS