Get a Start on Your Active Summer Journey

The sun is shining and the temperatures are warming up, what better way to get active and stay active than to take it outdoors or try something new. From fueling your adventures to getting back on track, the warmer weather has us all feeling inspired to kick it into gear. Try one of our picks for staying active this summer and beyond.


Bike Riding: Break out that bicycle or head to your nearest bike shop and get outside. Bike riding is easy on the joints and can provide great cardiovascular exercise. Plus, the average person can burn over 600 calories at a moderate speed. If you’re already a fan of biking at the gym or at home on a stationary bike, try taking it outdoors and feel the warm breeze while burning some calories.

Kayaking: The United States has over 200,000 rivers and 1,600 lakes, making kayaking an accessible hobby for most of us. Throw the kayak on top of your car, pack your favorite Nutrition Shake and make a day of it. The average person, at a moderate speed, can burn over 280 calories an hour. Kayaking regularly also strengthens your arms and forearms, see you on the water.

Outdoor Yoga Classes: Whether you’re an old yoga pro or just beginning, outdoor yoga classes are popping up everywhere and a lot of the time, are even free! Find a class near you, grab a friend and make an evening of it. Whether it’s on a farm, beach or at a park, learn to mindfully move your body under the summer sun.

Thermochrome V6: Fuel your adventures with our revamped Thermochrome formula. The science behind thermogenisis and lypolysis produces body generated heat, burns consumed fat, creates energy from fat and increases energy levels.* TLS Thermochrome V6 uses high quality ingredients, including caffeine from green tea and theobromine, both gentle on the body without compromising on caffeine’s benefits for energy, thermogenesis and metabolic drive.*

30-Day Jump Start Kit: Our beloved Jump-Start Kit is a great way to kick start your summer. We’re all feeling a little bit more motivated with the warm weather so take advantage and start off on the right food by following our 7-day detox and 30-day meal plan towards a healthier, more fit you.


Looking to simpler eat cleaner? Visit our recipes page under the resource tab for fresh, healthy summer recipes for the family or to bring to that cookout. The TLS lifestyle is for everyone. Let us know how you’ll be kick starting your summer adventures and be sure to tag us on social media @tlsweightloss.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individuals using TLS Thermochrome™ V6 and following the TLS Weight Loss Solution as part of a healthy diet and exercise program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. The persons sharing their stories are independent distributors of Market America products.