10 Tips to Fall Back into Your Exercise Routine

For some, getting an exercise routine in place is a challenge in itself -not to mention sticking to it! We haven’t been in the gym for a few months now, but we have to keep our momentum going. If you’re like me and need some motivation, keep on reading below!

By: April Laughlin

Tips to Stay on Track with Your Exercise Routine

  1. Focus & Start: The hardest part is starting. Instead of focusing on how hard it will be or how you could be doing 20 other things, focus on simply getting there.
  2. Start Small: Instead of jumping back into your exercise routine, build up to it. Try starting by jogging around the neighborhood or 30 minutes of indoor exercise a few times a week. We don’t want you getting burned out!
  3. MUSIC: I literally can’t get into my exercise routine without good music.
  4. Grab a Friend: Having a friend around provides company, accountability and it’s just way more fun.
  5. Have Fun: If you don’t enjoy your routine, it’s going to be tough getting back to it. Try out new exercises & switch things up so you don’t get bored.
  6. Make a Schedule: You need to commit to getting back into your workout lifestyle. Mark days on your calendar that you are going to workout and stick to it. Plus, you get to check ✅those days off once you’re done! (My favorite part)
  7. Realize is isn’t always fun: There will definitely be days where we don’t want to workout and that’s okay and totally normal. Give yourself a day off and no matter what DO NOT feel guilty about it!


On the days where you need motivation, call a friend just to talk, crank up your favorite tunes and just tidy up the house a bit. Hey – that’s still moving your body!