Eat Your Vegetables Day

We have heard all our lives about the importance of vegetables for our bodies. They are rich in nutrients that our bodies need and they don’t add more calories. But, what if we don’t like them?

Whether or not you like vegetables or are just looking for more ways to incorporate them into your diet, here are some ideas!

Ways to get more Veggies in

  1. Add veggies to your breakfast – Fruit, too. It’s much easier to get the recommended 2-3 servings of vegetables in a day if you start in the morning. Omelets are great options as you can add a variety of veggies and won’t taste certain ones!
  2. Try vegetables you don’t know – Getting bored with veggies is the worst and will make us easily give up on them. Next time you go to the store, pick up a new vegetable that you haven’t cooked with and find an easy recipe to try it out with. You will stay excited and get new nutrients.
  3. Keep veggies in sight – Out of sight, out of mind, right? Be sure that you always have some in your kitchen, even if that means frozen!
  4. Make a “crust” or “bun” – If you are looking for new ways to try out veggies, use cauliflower to make a pizza crust or rice as a side, try a veggie burger or use lettuce as your buns. Want something crunchy? Make chips with kale or brussel sprouts.
  5. Snack on veggies – Keep yourself satisfied in between meals with smart snacks. Cucumbers or carrots in hummus is always a tasty option or even celery with a dab of peanut butter.
  6. Think outside the box – If you ever need good inspiration, head over to Pinterest, it’s filled with great ideas. For taco night, pack your meat and toppings into a tomato or zucchini boat instead of a tortilla. Instead of noodles in lasagna, try zucchini or squash strips. The possibilities are endless!

Tell us, what ways do you sneak veggies into your diet?