7 Steps to Getting Back to Healthy Eating

It has been a slippery slope with days or weeks of quarantine indulging and binging on certain foods. We become almost addicted to the tastes and the flavors very easily, this is normal! The truth is, this is actually a perfect time to get healthier and stronger physically – but it can be difficult journey to get back to healthy eating.

Here are 7 proven steps that our best TLS coaches have complied to getting back on track!

  1. KEEP EATING – Seriously, it is common after excessive indulgence for people to NOT eat at all. Do not under any circumstances starve yourself the in efforts to make some dietary amends. This greatly increases the chances of a repeat binge brought on by low blood sugar, and the start of a vicious cycle. Get up and eat the same breakfast that has worked for you when you were on track.
  2. REALITY CHECK – Understand that it takes 3,500 extra calories to gain one pound of body fat; far more than most people eat in a day. That pizza, burger, ice cream, chips, slice of cake didn’t set you back that far. Take a deep breath and be objective. If it’s been weeks due to a season of life – it’s ok – just KNOW you are worth making a change for, and it isn’t the end of the world.
  3. REHYDRATE – Be sure to drink extra water for a few days to help flush away any excess sodium (very common). This will help to prevent any long-term bloated feelings or puffy appearance. Dilution is the Solution to Pollution! Start with 80 oz of water, shoot for 100 oz in a day if you can!
  4. RAMP UP THE FIBER – To minimize any impact on your digestive system or waistline, step up your fiber intake with fresh fruit and veggies. It acts as a scrub brush in your intestines, helping to clean and carry out unwanted fecal paste that forms from eating junk foods. Fiber absorbs fats and toxins and shuttles them out of the body! Lot’s of water is crucial when increasing fiber intake.
  5. SWEAT IT OUT –Although, exercise is NOT supposed to be a punishment for what you ate, sometimes it’s just what is needed to get out of a binging funk to get a little extra work in at the gym or an extra walk in each day. Look at it this way –  with all that extra fuel in your system, your normal workout wouldn’t be tough enough anyway!
  6. COUNTER ATTACK – Pick a start day to do our 10 day Fat Shredder program, our 7 Day Detox, our Rapid Results or our 30- Day Jump-Start Program. Learn more about our Programs here.
  7. NEVER SURRENDER -Do NOT let one cheat meal, day, week or month overturn all your efforts or discourage you from starting fresh! Never give up – being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle has never been more important!

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Remember you are WORTH it! What are you doing to stay on track during quarantine?