Do You Believe These Weight Loss Myths?

By: Sue Pasqual

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish myth from fact, especially when it has to do with weight loss.  Like the TV show “Mythbusters”, today I’m debunking the top 3 weight loss myths that just might surprise you.

Don’t Use Supplements

Supplements may not always be needed, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t help! I should first point out that the most important components on your weight loss journey are eating healthy & exercising. But, how many of you have just done that & still put the weight back on again?

Don’t be too hard on yourself; it happens to the best of us.  The reality is, your body may have needed additional support outside of just food and exercise.

You see, weight loss is similar.  You may need a little supplemental support to be sure you are supporting your body in the best way possible.  Whether it be the effects of cravings that just don’t stop, or seeing stubbornly slow results despite your hard work, supplements can help!

Just remember a supplement is a “supplement to your eating and exercising”.  Don’t expect to take a supplement and not put in the work of the other two!


Move More, Eat Less

It still amazes me that people still try to drastically restrict their food intake to lose weight.  The whole “calories in vs. calories out” makes sense on the surface, but it’s important to remember that our bodies are more complex than calculators. This logic causes so many take it to the extreme & cut their intake too far back, sabotaging their progress and overall health.

The premise of calories in vs. calories out is simply to take an overage of calories down to a healthy calorie intake. Add some great sweat sessions and, viola! You’re on your way to sustainable weight loss success!

I should probably mention that I actually don’t ever count calories.  Life isn’t about calculating foods, it is about enjoying them! I think everyone is busy enough in their day without having to be a mathematical genius and calculate calories in vs. calories out!


Fat Makes You Fat

Another myth! Avoiding fat doesn’t lead to weight loss, but it does often lead to weight gain.  The latest research finds that foods containing healthy fats (oils, avocados, nuts etc.) can actually better support your metabolism and help you along your weight loss journey! In fact, certain vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, K need fats present in order for your body to properly absorb them.

Now, of course, the unhealthy fats (butter, margarine, shortening) don’t help your waistline…but we already knew that.



So, there you have it!  I am sure there are many more weight loss myths out there but, just remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!




Did you believe any of these weight loss myths? Tell us in the comments!