The Guide to Grab-and-Go Meals

By: Sue Pasqual

We live in such a fast-paced world and that means fast-paced decisions, especially when it comes to food. Grab-and-go is sometimes the best option you’ve got, so it’s worth knowing what your healthiest options are!

Grab-and-Go Lifestyle

Most people don’t have the luxury of living in the “Brady Bunch Days” when mom stayed home, the maid cooks, and dad gets home from work each day at 5pm.

Today’s reality looks much different. Most of us don’t even leave work at 5pm, and that doesn’t even include overtime, commuting, and any after-work activities.  This go, go, go lifestyle means we’re sometimes in a bind where we need something fast & easy. It is so easy to just pick up whatever’s close, but not paying attention to those crunch-time choices can make a difference for your health & waistline!

Thankfully, not all of those convenience grab-and-go packaged meals are off the table. There’s quite a few that can satisfy both your stomach, busy lifestyle, and goals! Here’s how to find them:


Check the Full Menu

Almost every take-out restaurant offers healthier options, but many of us stick with the typical dish for the restaurant instead of checking the menu for other options. Instead of ordering that large pizza with pepperoni to pick up on your way home, check to see if they offer sandwiches or salads. Instead of grabbing Pad Thai from the local Thai spot, see if they offer a veggie-based dish instead!

At a local pizza place in my town, they offer fresh salmon with veggies as an alternative.  If your local restaurants don’t offer those type of meals, consider shopping around for places that do OR simply ask what other options they can make work for you. If all else fails, every pizza joint has grilled chicken salads!


Don’t Miss the Deli

Another option is to stop at a pre-cooked deli that most supermarkets offer.  Just swing in, pick the healthy protein, veggies, and toppings options you prefer, then take it to the register for a healthy grab-and-go meal! You’ll have the option to build your sandwiches based on your goals, and you can even remove the top bun if you need to.

Speaking of grocery stores, many have salad in a bag (be careful of the dressings!) in the produce section.  These are a great side or even a meal if you snag some roasted chicken or turkey from the deli to add.


Forget the Frozen Foods

Stay away from those frozen dinner meals.  Often the protein is low-quality and they are loaded with preservatives, especially sodium!  Now, salt is not the enemy and it is absolutely okay for cooking & seasoning – but, in moderation.

On top of the shockingly high sodium content, those grab-and-go microwavable meals often have such small amounts of food that’ll want to devour 3 of them just to be satisfied! This is one reason TLS doesn’t advocate for calorie-restricting programs. Eventually, your deprived body will take over and that low-calorie meal turns into a meal plus an entire pint of ice cream!


Shake Things Up

Another quick grab-and-go option a TLS® Shake! Simply blend your Whey Shake or Nutrition Shake with fruit, spinach (trust me, you cannot even taste it), milk, & ice cubes. If you don’t use protein powder, low-fat Greek yogurt is a great addition too!


Eating on the run doesn’t have to be unhealthy and you don’t have to sacrifice your waistline.  Simply planning ahead and making the decision to order healthier options will be the best way to keep your energy up while working towards your health, nutrition, wellness, and weight management goals!