What to Do After the 21-Day Challenge

By: Tayler Glenn

It’s no secret that the TLS® 21-Day Challenge is a full reset for your body & not so healthy habits – but what happens after the 21-Day Challenge is over?

Just like with everything else TLS®, you’ve got options. But first things first: you’ve got to set a goal!

Do you need a plan to stop you from going back to your old ways?
Are you still looking to lose and ready to commit to another round?
Or maybe you’re happy after the 21-Day Challenge & want to try to maintain a new way of eating? 

The choice is yours, and it all depends on what you need for your own success. Take some time to think about what your expectations are and how you would like to be looking and feeling in the next 21 days. After all, the most important day is the day after the 21-Day Challenge: day 22!


Once you’ve got your goals set, it’s time to set a plan of action. We always recommend reaching out to and working with your Coach, but we’ve got a few of our most popular choices for after the 21-Day Challenge below for some inspiration!


If You’re Trying to Maintain

Treat it as a lifestyle. 

The 21-Day Challenge is a stepping stone to the way you should be eating for the rest of your life! Now that you’ve gotten rid of the carb and sugar cravings, focus on using the lessons you learned until they become habits for life. If you need a little support, remember you’ve always got your TLS® Coach and the handy TLS® Health Guide & Journal close by!


FLEX your new meal plan.

Some can easily stick to healthy habits, but most of us need a little more support during the transition – and that’s totally okay! We’ve got you covered with plans like Sure & Steady and Continued Commitment that provide the structure to keep you on track and the leniency you need after sticking it out for 21 days. The best part? We now offer a TLS® FLEX plan that can help you work those birthday parties and vacations into your new lifestyle without derailing all your hard work!

If you’ve started doing intense workouts, just make sure to bump up your protein & healthy carbs so you’re giving your muscles enough fuel to build up that body composition!


Learn correct portion sizes. 

It’s not always the easiest to eyeball portions, but weighing and measuring food just isn’t on the table for most of us with busy lives. That means that portion sizes are especially important! We’ve got a great guide for you here to help you get a handle on common portion mistakes.


Keep using your TLS® Supplements. 

These supplements are designed to support your healthy habits, and that means sticking with them is going to make staying on track worlds easier! You’ve got TLS® CORE, Trim Tea, and Trim Cafe helping to control cravings;  TLS® Shakes to help fuel your body with valuable nutrients & protein; TLS® Thermochrome to boost energy; & TLS® Tonalin CLA to keep those stubborn areas where you want them. We suggest retaking the Weight Loss Profile and reaching out to your TLS® Coach to help determine the best combination for you!



If You’re Trying to Lose

Find a meal plan that fits your goals.

Many people think that the 21-Day Challenge is a “one and done” ordeal, but it’s really just a jumpstart into your TLS® Lifestyle. It’s your chance to commit, jump in, and see how easy it really is to get healthy with us! Now, it’s time to transition to another meal plan that can help you continue your weight loss journey and there are plenty of choices.

The best way to figure out your game plan is by taking the Weight Loss Profile. It will take your new habits & goals and give you the best fit!


Hold yourself accountable.

With the challenge over with, the hype can start to wear off – but that’s where support comes in. Share your new lifestyle with your support system in person or on social media! Make sure your significant other, family members, friends, and co-workers understand your goals so they can be supportive. While you’re at it, clean out those junk accounts from your social media feeds and use it as a place of inspiration and motivation!


Get creative with your meals. 

With the basics down, you’re confident enough to start collecting and enjoying new recipes to try! We’ve got plenty here on the blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to get you started. Incorporating new meals into your schedule keeps you from getting bored & adding new ingredients can totally change the way you look at your meals!


Stay in touch with your TLS® Coach.

As the newness wears off, it’s easy to get distracted or let those little excuses wiggle their way back in. Having regular check-ins with your Coach is a great way to stay motivated and tweak the little things to help create a lifestyle you love & can stick with. If you aren’t working with a Coach, you can also use the TLS® Health Guide & Journal to hold yourself accountable.




Long story short: the TLS® 21-Day Challenge is anything but a one-and-done kit. It’s the beginning of a new lifestyle & a jumpstart for your weight loss journey! By working with your Coach and utilizing the tools available to you, you can transition seamlessly into a healthy, sustainable lifestyle to meet whatever goals you’ve set.