TLS® Tip: Low-GI Fruits for Spring & Summer

By: Sue Pasqual

Summer is so close, and with that comes beach parties, family cookouts and just more being outside & enjoying life. One of our favorite parts? Farmer’s Markets! Shopping local and fresh can add a new & exciting change to your summer cooking experience, and it’s hard to go wrong when you’re choosing veggies – but, what about fruits? If you’re living the TLS® Lifestyle, you should know how to choose the best fruits for your plan. So, here is our go-to guide for choosing low-GI fruits for spring & summer!

It can be hard to keep yourself from eating the entire bushel of freshly-picked strawberries, but it is important to remember too much of a good thing is definitely a thing!  While eating another serving of fruit is usually healthier than another serving of candy, like all foods, there are some fruits are better for your body than others.


Fruits & The Low-GI Scale

Believe it or not, most of your favorite and most common fruits are on the low on the GI (Glycemic Index)  scale so don’t worry; you don’t have to start shelling out for exotic fruits from across the globe!  Before I dive into which fruits are the most impactful for keeping you on track to your weight loss goals, it is important to understand why some are better than others.

Carbs Break Down Into Sugar
First and foremost, we have to remember that carbohydrates are our bodies main source of energy.  This means that the carbs you find in food including bread and fruit also break down into sugar. Sugar has been demonized, but our bodies actually need sugar – just the right kinds in the right amounts.

Quality & Quantity Matter
Sugar, in the wrong amount and quality, can be stored as fat.  So, when we place food on the Glycemic Impact scale, we take into consideration the quality of the food and how quickly or slowly it would raise blood sugar levels. The slower that food raises blood sugar levels, the less likely it is to be stored as fat.


Spring & Summer Fruits on the Low-GI Scale

When you are picking your summer fruits from your favorite farmers market or grocery store, you’ll notice there are quite a few low-GI options ones to choose from.

Cherries are packed with antioxidants, and they have a Glycemic Index score of 20.  They have a short growing season, so when you find them, get them fast!

Grapefruit is another fan favorite with a low glycemic index rating of 25.  Many people have found that grapefruit can interfere with many prescription drugs, so just be sure to read your drug labels! It is always wise to eat the skin with any fruit you can (of course, we aren’t talking pineapples or bananas or oranges here, which are all on the low side!) because the skins are jam-packed with fiber!

Apples have a GI score of 38, and are well-loved for weight loss because of their high soluble fiber & water content! If you have an orchard nearby, it’s also a great activity to get the family up & moving!

Pears sit right with apples with a GI score of 38. When ripe & full, these make a perfect sweet treat without the deleterious effect of spiking blood sugar.

Plums have a slightly higher score at 40, mostly from the sugars and carbohydrates in the fruit. Despite its sweetness, it isn’t dense in calories but it is dense in fiber which makes it a great snack!

Peaches are far lower on the GI scale with a score of 28 which is great since they’re a summer staple! Adding fresh peaches to Greek yogurt or your TLS® Shake is a great way to add them in.

Grapes seem to be a fan-favorite for the summer months, and they’re a great portable snack to help maintain your slim and trim waistline.  We love them frozen & dipped in a little yogurt!


Why not whip up a fresh fruit salad with all of your favorite local, in-season fruits to your next barbeque?  Consider pairing it with some plain Greek Yogurt and a little bit of organic granola or local honey, and I bet that your fruit salad will go fast…even before the chocolate chip cookies!